Thursday, 17 May 2018

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Some Konflikt '47 news from Warlord Games...
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Royal Wedding Banner Buy a Regiment Get a Command Free
Celebrate the union between America and Britain. Parade your armed forces in their full regalia this weekend! Buy an infantry box set and get a command blister pack for FREE!*
*in these collections only.
Bolt Action French Tank Painting
What does the boss do:
Warlord's gallant leader, John Stallard, demonstrates his painting prowess...
Konflikt '47 Defiance Preview Pack:
Check out the new heavy Italian infantry that are available in the new Konflikt '47 supplement with this preview pack!
Konflikt '47 Scenario and History Operation Pig Stick Part 1
Konflikt '47 Scenario and History Operation Pig Stick Part 1
Operation Pig-Stick and The Battle For Brussels Part I & Part II:
Ben Moorhouse has written a very detailed Konflikt '47 scenario for you to sink your teeth into!
The Turing Test – The Start of a New Army:
Konflikting Opinions returns with a new army in mind - a British Automaton army!
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"How to" guide for picking up at a show
"How to" guide: 
Coming to an event and want to make sure you get exactly what you want? Here's a quick guide on how to order for pick up at an event...

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