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Unboxing Malifaux - Vintage Somer Teeth Jones

"Well he does have the biggest hat..."
The Vintage range of miniatures are sometimes found in prize support 'mystery boxes' as well as available to purchase via Wyrd Games various sale events or via their 'Guilder' scheme if you're lucky enough to be (or be willing to perform 'favours' for) a local Henchmen or attend certain events...I acquired mine via one of the aforementioned also came in a bag rather than a box...making this an unbagging I suppose...

The Vintage Somer Teeth Jones bag contains enough parts for one miniature...namely Vintage Somer Teeth Jones. It also contains a stat card for him though there are no upgrade cards.

Somer Teeth Jones
For a Gremlin, Som'er Teeth Jones has lived a fairly long time. This comes from making other Gremlins do all the dangerous things for him. Som'er realized early on in his life that there were two things that would make people follow you: a loud voice and a big hat. The voice he had, the hat he needed to acquire. After taking it off some merchant who wandered too close to the Bayou, it was an easy task to get many of the Bayou Gremlins to follow him, especially since once a few of them started working together they got things done a lot faster and word spread that there were certain benefits to working with Som'er.

Anyone would have had a difficult time keeping all the Gremlins on the same page, but Som'er hadmade an important discovery: moonshine. This sweet potion has kept the spirits of his gremlin followers high enough that they will follow him into battle after battle against the Guild outposts near the Bayou. They have even been focused enough to learn how to train some of the wild pigs that share their domain, riding them into combat like horses and also using them for food when they are too lazy to go out hunting.

It was during one of these raids that Som'er earned his nickname. He was injured during the combat, taking a blow to the face that knocked some of his teeth out. Instead of falling to the ground and crying, he spat and said, “Som'er here and som'er there.” Sometime after this battle, wanted posters with his picture on them began to appear in and around the Bayou. Som'er takes great pride in showing them off, proud to have been able to avoid the Guild patrols for so long.

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Sprue
The bag has one sprue in it as well as the aforementioned cards. Here's pictures of both sides of it...

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Stat Card
Wyrd Games don't normally like my publishing pictures of both sides of the stat cards but as the stats for their masters are on their website I don't think it matters in this case...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures or instruction pictures by clicking on them.

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Instructions
Couldn't find any official assembly instructions so you'll have to make do with my pictures I'm afraid...

Some General Notes on Assembly
Many of these models contain quite small parts so depending on how dexterous you are you might consider getting yourself some tweezers. Dry-fitting is also always a good idea in case a part needs a tiny bit of extra filing or filling as some of the fits are quite tight. Where the parts on the sprue are quite thin (chains, weapon shafts, cables and the like) then it might be better to remove parts with a sharp scalpel rather than cutters.

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Assembled
The pieces are large and are quite obvious in location so this is a fairly easy assembly. Points to be careful with are the thin gun strap and the feathers on the hat. Also the ears and cigar despite being part of the head are quite easy to squish when handling that part so take care.

The raised sight on the cone part at the guns front is also delicate so be's also definitely a gun sight despite looking like a bit of sprue at first glance...

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Comparison Picture
Here's a comparison picture between the original metal version and the newer plastic one and a group shot of the four versions I currently have...

Vintage Somer Teeth Jones - Rotational View
Here's a rotational view...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
Should you ever choose to purchase something based on one of my features or reviews then it would be nice if you could let the company know where the inspiration came from...who knows...they might be grateful to the poor unappreciated blogger who sent you their way...if however I've put you off a can keep that info to yourself...

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