Friday, 15 May 2015

Aliens Vs. Predator Miniatures Game

Looks like Prodos Games have got their last 'Okay' from Fox and final production is now under-way for the Aliens Vs. Predator Miniatures Game...

Prodos Games Ltd says:

This is rumour control...IT IS NOT a rumour!
X has finally marked the spot...that last elusive signature is in. We at Prodos Games have wasted no time: all outstanding components for the Alien vs Predator The Hunt Begins board game have been put into production. Once we get back from the printers we will look at giving a clear schedule...BUT all is good, all is actually great...and it’s Friday...and finally its about time to celebrate with some beer...
AND ALIEN vs PREDATOR, THE HUNT BEGINS the board game is in production!

AvP: THB includes:
Models: - 10 Infant Aliens - 5 Stalker Aliens - 3 Predators - 5 Colonial Marines
Dice: 3 D20 Dice
Cards: - 2 Alien Stat Cards - 3 Predator Stat Cards - 5 Colonial Marine Stat Card - 20 Environmental Cards - 20 Mission Cards (Advanced game) - 60 Strategy Cards (20 for each Faction) (Advanced game)
Board game Tiles: - 32 Straight Corridors - 8 Crossroads - 8 T-Shape - 8 L-Shape - 10 Dead-end - 8 Air Vent Tiles - 7 Rooms (Lab, Escape Capsules, Armoury, Bridge, Hibernation Room, Engine Room and Predator Pod)
Other Peripherals: - 1 Flame/Acid Spit Template (AvP Unleashed) - 151 Wound, Ping!, Activated, Sentry, Hide and Objective Tokens - 20 Door Pieces
... a lot, almost 6 kg (13 lbs) of goodies!
Just in case you needed extra evidence there's an actual video of the printer working away on their Facebook group page here.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Oh boy.
    Dunno if I'm gonna buy this, but I'm completely tempted.
    I guess I'll wait to see what folks like yerself hafta say about it.

    1. The models are gorgeous and the game uses the Warzone Resurrection rule-set for the most part so I know that's sound. It's just how those rules and models interact with the tiles that we're waiting to see...


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