Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

A week of reveals from Mantic Games...

The Inside Track

This coming week we will open up the studio to give you an insider’s view on all the goings on at Mantic. From interviews with games designers, visions for upcoming releases and more toy soldiers than you could possibly hope to see in one place please keep popping back every day for the latest.

The timetable looks a little something like this...
Monday – our first look at Dungeon Saga, including character development and art.

Tuesday – Kings of War and the Forces of the Abyss.

Wednesday – DreadBall and Xtreme, plus I will be hanging out with Beasts of War from 7pm BST to talk all things Mantic.

Thursday – Deadzone: Infestation

Friday – Warpath
And with competitions and prizes coming next week it’ll be worth popping in.
To get the ball rolling heading into next week, we’ve posted up our first reveal on the website.

Click here to see more of what's inside the Dungeon Saga box ahead of next week's previews. Be sure to check the Mantic Blog on Monday for more.
Thanks, we hope to see you on Monday.

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