Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday Round-up

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks for Kickstarters and to be honest I've had to do some prioritising.

I've had my Guild Ball teams arrive, the Wolsung rulebook and crews I pledged for some time ago also landed on my doorstep and I still have done next to nothing with my Wrath of Kings boxes at all. The issue with doing effective features on the Wrath of Kings starter sets is that they contain a large quantity of multiple part models and to cover them in my normal level of detail takes a lot of prep work and I just don't have the time to dedicate to them at the moment. Once I've got the other smaller Kickstarters out of the way I'll come back to them and hopefully I can do one a week, possibly more.

One of those aforementioned Kickstarters (Guild Ball) has been getting my usual 'unboxing' treatment and I'm currently three 'teams' in out of the eight I possess. The first one can be found here and there are links to the subsequent ones at the bottom should this initial one pique your interest.

The intermittently updated Hobby Newsletter Page is a couple of weeks out of date but I'll update it tomorrow morning some time. The Guild Ball unboxings will make their way into the appropriate Other Unboxings page soon as well.

I have some new feature ideas up and coming but I'll keep them to myself for now just in case time constraints prevent me from actually achieving them, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Right there with you sir. So much has come in all at once. I try to space them out to avoid it, but delays make that a lost cause.

    1. It is difficult. Some of my viewers seem to forget that I have to work, eat and sleep and also that none of this stuff is given to me for free, lol.


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