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NEW VIDEO! Scott Porter Unboxing of Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble

Ready to check out a new HeroClix unboxing? Watch our celebrity host, Scott Porter, open some Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble boosters, and get a sneak peek at some of the fantastic characters featured in the set!

Watch the video here!
IN STORES NOW! Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble

We are pleased to announce that the latest installment in our popular Marvel lineup of HeroClix characters -- Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble -- is available in North American retail stores. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have come to HeroClix in a big way, with 71 all-new figures for use in the Marvel HeroClix tabletop miniatures game.

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble includes fan-favorite heroes like Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and the Hulk, who are joined by Firebird, Star Brand, Captain Universe and many other characters new to HeroClix. For fans who prefer to play on the darker side, Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble spotlights classic foes like Korvac, the Swordsman and the lethal Whirlwind, and includes updates to some fan-favorite super-villains like the Red Skull, the Hood and Arcade!

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Assemble is the first Marvel HeroClix set to feature the all-new Avengers Identicards!  Collect the ID Cards for your favorite Avengers characters and give a boost to your HeroClix game by calling them into battle!

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SIGN UP FOR EVENTS TODAY! Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline Organized Play

WizKids is pleased to announce Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron — a four-month Storyline Organized Play event where you will join the fight against Ultron and his army of robots.  Beginning June 2015 battle head to head for the chance to win the Limited Edition Grand Prize Quinjet!

Check out the video here.

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SCHEDULE EVENTS TODAY! DC Comics Dice Masters: Trinity War Storyline Organized Play

Are you ready for a (Trinity) war? We are pleased to announce the first DC Comics Dice Masters Storyline Organized Play – Trinity War. In the DC Comics Dice Masters: Trinity War Storyline Organized Play, face off across five months of tournament play for the chance to win exclusive prizes including the Limited Edition Grand Prize —Atomica: Trinity War Card and Die.

If you haven’t already, be sure to set up an account with our (free) WizKids Event System so you can sign up for your DC Comics Dice Masters: Trinity War events today!

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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! Dungeons & Dragons — Rage of Demons    
Have you heard the news? Wizards of the Coast just announced Rage of Demons, a new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons fans, coming in fall 2015! Look for even more amazing minis to grace your tabletop!

Following on the critically-acclaimed Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil stories, Rage of Demons will transport characters to the dark places of the soul. Rumors of powerful demon lords such as Demogorgon, Orcus and Grazz’t terrorizing the denizens of the Underdark have begun to filter up to the cities of the Sword Coast. The already dangerous caverns below the surface are thrown into ultimate chaos, madness and discord. The renegade drow Drizzt Do’Urden is sent to the Underdark to investigate but it will be up to you to aid in his fight against the demons before he succumbs to his darker temptations.

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