Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

There's a lot of cool stuff amongst the Hasslefree Miniatures products that nicely fills gaps in other companies ranges. It's definitely worth giving their website a look...

Told ya we're a Metal Company!
Yup, we'll be releasing metals roughly twice a month for the next few months, to help clear the backlog.
In fact, we've been having talks with some sculptors about adding to our ranks so we 'might' even be able to keep twice monthly releases after that,  if we can find a good fit for a putty companion for Kev. We'll keep you informed how that's going on our FB page.

We've added some products that we normally only take to shows with us down below the eye candy, we haven't gone mad, it's just a little experiment :)

Ok, enough with the dribble, on with the awesome...
Resin Master - Grond
Grond is a half-Ogre, lost in the HF world after being caught in a rift in the Veil.  Seen here with... nothing, literally nothing. That won't stop him from absolutely destroying you but still, nothing.
He's pretty much certain never to see metal as he is, Kev will likely give him some clothing and weaponry for his metal incarnation, this is another of Kev's finished dollies that we have decided to make available to you as is :)
Resin - Gaia
'Gaia' is another of our Zombocalypse survivors, it's not her real name, nobody asks twice. Hailing from downtown Miami this woman is not one to be messed with. Seen here with a katana she picked up from a looted store in St Petersburg and light clothes and bandana to help with the southeastern heat.
Her regular version comes with a sprue of weaponry etc. similar to Oakley, this is a special one-piece, resin only, version of one particular way of putting her together. To clarify, this one-piece version will not be put into metal, only her multi-part sprue version will be.
Salome Kohn, Der Hexenjäger
Hexenjäger Salome Kohn is the embodiment of everything the world 'knows' about the Witch Hunters.
Fearless to the extreme, unwavering in her resolve and deadly enough to be the thing that scares the creatures of the dark.
Kohn is seen here armed simply with pistol and sword (as well as an innumerable amount of potions, stakes, wards etc) and dressed in the traditional outfit of the Hunters, with capotain and longcoat.
For those of you who dislike the hat... Kev has been uncommonly nice and created an exclusive resin master of her without the hat. This variant will 'not' be available in metal as we firmaly believe that Witch Hunters come with hats and those of you buying the hatless version will be hunted down as the Heretics that you are!)

'However', if we make a further variant of Salome with different weaponry, I shall acquiesce to the roughly 50 percent of you who are heretics and prefer the unhatted version and swap them for metal/resin. Seems it's a very divisive issue :)

(Sorry about the inking, we're having an issue with our mix, as discussed here. We'll replace the pic when we get a better one, we figured you'd prefer to just buy her rather than wait!)
Nurse Layla of the Galactic Navy
Nurse Layla is a serving medical officer in the Galactic Navy, hailing from a colonised planet who's current fashions look a little like a retro-Terran style, with boots made of a substance similar to PVC and short mini dresses etc. Layla is childhood friends with Communications Officer Misha.
Communications Officer Misha of the Galactic Navy
CommO (Communications Officer) Misha is a Lieutenant in the Galactic Navy, hailing from a colonised planet who's current fashions look a little like a retro-Terran style, with boots made of a substance similar to PVC and short mini dresses etc. Carrying a basic scanner. Misha is childhood friends with Nurse Layla.
Ensign Shay of the Galactic Navy
Shay is an Ensign of the Galactic Navy. From the same planet as Commo Misha and Nurse Layla she is dressed in a style similar to retro Earth fashion.
Ensign Shay is a security officer and thus is allowed to carry a personal firearm. She is seen here with a weapon from her home planet.
Gourmet Gaming Snacks! Wait, what?
When we attend trade shows we carry this line of local gourmet snacks as we have found them to be 'very' popular with both customers and anyone holding demo games at the show.

Jerky is an excellent snack for keeping your strength up during a long day of gaming and who doesn't want to go home and say you played 6 hours of Warmachine and oh yeah, I ate some zebra!

Well, vegetarians might, which is why we also carry Fruit Leathers, which are basicaly fruit jerky. I find these a bit weird if I'm honest but people do seem to love 'em.

And lastly, we have the homemade, gourmet, alcohol-fuelled marzipans. Do I really have to say anything else other than that description? :)

We thought we'd try them out on the website for our other customers and see how they go. Don't disappoint us! :D

Important Note: Due to various customs restrictions around the world there are restrictiosn on these items.
The UK ad the rest of the EU are fine.
We believe Australia is fine, we have double checked :)
The US 'may' be eligible, we are checking on it but for now, we're erring on the side of caution and I'm afraid it's a no.
Any other country, we'll check with each customer's interest and let you know if we ahve to say no.
And Finally...
Next metal release in 2-3 weeks, we will be trying to get 2 metal releases out in June :)

Kev's back from the States, so we are gearing up towards a new 'Challenge', keep an eye on the FB page for that.

And that's it, nothing weird going on at the moment to make snarky comments about *sniff* Let's hope for more next time! ;)
'til then,

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