Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some terrain news and a reminder about those upcoming sneak previews....

DON'T FORGET: Mantic's Big Reveal Week starts on Monday 18th May and you can already discover the first parts of the Dungeon Saga story on the Blog.

Ronnie will be doing a live hangout with Beasts of War on Wednesday 20th May at 7pm GMT. There's also new Warpath Alpha rules being released to Beasts of War Backstage Pass holders on 22nd May. This is just the start - do not miss it!
20th Century Scenery

Simple, generic, affordable, innovative and high quality – the Battlezones range of modular terrain tiles is expanding to include 20th Century Brick buildings.
Generic: The 20th Century Scenery can be used in practically any genre of gaming. We think it works particular well with modern combat and historical games, but it fits nicely with near-future, post-apocalyptic and fantasy games too. Miniatures courtesy of Warlord Games.
Innovative: Fully modular, you can assemble and take apart the building many times, allowing you to change your battlefield every game.

In this video, Dave shows you just how easy it is to assemble the terrain, using the Battlezones ruins included in the Mars Attacks box.
Simple: The scenery snap-fits together, making it easy to get on the tabletop, and comes in a brick-colored plastic so you don't even need to paint it.

If you do want to paint it Dave shows you how in his simple Hobby Tips video, again using the Battlezones ruins included in Mars Attacks.
Affordable: We'll have a set for every budget, with the Ruined City the biggest set we do. It'll easily cover a 6’x4’ table in plenty of terrain.
High Quality: Terrain as good quality as your miniatures, for use with any gaming system.
Dave's Scenery Spectacular - limited stock for May

"Affordable plastic scenery for modern or historical games is hard to find, and the deliberately generic design of the buildings combined with the simple connector system means that getting buildings onto the table is easier than ever before.

The first sets are now available to pre-order from your local retailer or the Mantic webstore, which are the large kits designed to provide lots of cover for your gaming table. There's a selection of smaller sets coming later next month made up of different combinations of the same tiles, allowing you to build undamaged buildings or urban ruins.

As is traditional at Mantic, the larger the box, the cheaper it gets - but due to a supply issue we've only got limited stock available for May. Pre-order now if you want to guarantee you'll get a set."
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