Tuesday, 19 May 2015

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Mantic Games's 'Reveal week'...

Welcome to Reveal Week

We're really proud of all of the projects we are working on at the moment, and yesterday we started a dedicated week of reveals and previews to share them with you. There will be a competition later this week also.

We hope that you'll keep checking back to the blog to see more, and let us know what you think about all of the great pieces of work coming out of the studio.

Here's a recap of everything so far:
Discover the story behind the artwork, see the components and how they facilitate smoother gameplay and character progression before finishing the day with fresh production figures from Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest.

Dungeon Saga – Reveal 1: I love Horsley, best of all the animals...
Dungeon Saga – Reveal 2: Hero, your quest begins here!
Dungeon Saga – Reveal 3: Mighty Heroes
At the signal from the Archfiends, great shadow-bridges are formed between the circles, and the Molochs adopt the role of enforcers, herding the Abyssals together into a mighty demonic horde. Plumes of ash and coruscating arcs of pure magic erupt from the heart of the Abyss. War-horns sound, and the ground trembles as the armies of the Wicked Ones begin their march of conquest. When these creatures venture forth from the pit, they spread like a stain across the surface of the world. Crops wither and die under their tread, and their shadow blights the world until they are banished back to the Dark whence they came, but always at great cost.

Kings of War – The Forces of the Abyss: find out more.
Want to see more?

Put these dates in the diary:
Kings of War Week - starts 1st June 2015.
Dungeon Saga Week - starts 29th June 2015.
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