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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

This one has some excellent Steampunk miniatures in it...amongst other things of course...

*whew* Ok, that's over with!
Ok, Salute cleanup is done (a lil late thanks to me cracking a back tooth and going through the emergency dental wringer). Still a few emails left to go, had to stop to do this, but starting tomorrow we can finally relax and get on with our plans.

New releases are all in place, every 2-3 weeks for the next few months will see new metal from us, guaranteed!  We have the next 3 sets of releases all moulded and lined up to give us a headstart and we shall continue as we go to stay ahead of the curve.

We've had a lot of questions regarding this, most of them already answered in previous newsletters and FB updates (You guys really need to listen to me more, I'm awesome) so to recap...

Yes, we're still a metal company :) We're just very behind Kev's sculpting in the metal queue due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances. Those are now in hand and so we have started again, just a few months behind.

We currently have... (Gimme a minute to do a quick count) ... 12 of Kev's finished fantasy sculpts,  13 of Kev's modern sculpts and 13 of Kev's sci-fi sculpts all waiting to be released in metal. We also have that Walker variant we need to get sorted. This doesn't include any of the new releases below or anything Kev makes while we're getting all of that moulded and released!

Add to that we have 40 odd sculpts to add for a new Sci-Fi line, 6-9 sculpts from the ridiculously talented Tre Manor and a couple of random sculpts we have bought in from the likes of Paul Muller.

Basically we have a 'lot' of new releases coming over the rest of the year :)

So let's get started!

Limited Edition - Steampunk Boudi Master & Matt DIxon Signed Card
Steampunk Boudi is this years variant of the Diceni trade show mascot 'Boudi' (As seen in our fantasy range here and here).

While the regular releases are below, we have 20 Resin Master Castings of her to pair with 20 art cards signed personally by Matt Dixon.
(There are actually 25, but we have squirreled away 4 for future use and I have detained one to send to one of our good friends and staff painters Andy 'Belly' Wedmore, who's struggling with an illness right now and is a big Matt Dixon fan)

Matt DIxon is a friend of the Diceni show and creates the artwork for each of the Boudi variants. These miniatures are an officially licensed product.  This is a unique way of getting a signed art card along with a resin master casting of Steampunk Boudi.
First Come, First Served!

Green Resin - Steampunk Boudi
This is the regular release of the mini mentioned above, in glorious green resin from our friends and resident resin geniusses at Grey Matter.

Based on the Matt Dixon art mentioned above, created for the 2015 Diceni trade show, this is the 'regular' version complete with steampunk blunderbuss, goggles and a mini skirt.

(The green resin paints up exactly the same as grey resin, we use green for the Diceni figures to have them be a little different and to keep in theme with the original 'Queen in Green')

Green Resin - Steampunk Boudi, WIld West Variant
While Kev was making Steampunk Boudi he had a couple of his own ideas for a variant, so he had her cast up partly made and then decided to make her a little more 'Wild Westy' (that's totally a real phrase).

Decked out in a huge frillly half skirt and a long barreled rifle

Green Resin - Steampunk Boudi 'Naughty' Variant
As I mentioned above, Kev had Steampunk Boudi cast up at a certain point, as he knew he wanted to change the skirt. That point left the casting skirtless :)
Never one to waste an opportunity we present to you the 'Naughty' variant. This will only ever be available in resin.

You can, of course, just paint her up as if she's wearing leggings of the yoga pants variety, she doesn't have to be Adult rated :)

Resin Master - Dynamic Deth & Taxxis
Taxxis is seen here riding a slightly resculpted Deth in a whole new way from the original, trollsurfing style. Armed with a death's head staff and a, partly disembowelled, angry undead troll.
This is one of our first "modeller's kits."  We've chosen to describe it that way as it requires a little more skill to assemble than usual, especially the chain (or whatever you choose to use instead of the included chain, I used a strip of leather from my bitz box because I'm lazy and it looked pretty good :D )

This is the latest in a fairly extensive line of variants, it might even make our resident, barely-clothed, necromancer (Is there a necromanceress type word?) our most sculpted character.

(Comes in 6 parts, Deth, Deth's head, Taxxis, her two arms and a length of chain. Supplied with a 50mm base. Deth is around 40mm to the top of the saddle, total height ~70mm!)

Resin Master - Leonard
Leonard is a man with plans to match his frame, big. Starting as a lowly bouncer at a mob-owned club, moving up to enforcer he has his sights set on larger goals.

Seen here in the best suit he can currently afford and armed with.. himself. It's enough, trust us.

Resin Master - Rowen
Rowen is another of our modern assassin/spies. An on/off frenemy ofEkaterina, they work in the same circles and regularly find themselves on opposite sides of a job.
Armed here with twin MP5Ks and a small arsenal of other weapons and gadgets and sporting her trademark 'quiff'.

Resin Master - Borax
Borax is a dwarf without a home. Having arrived through a tear in the Veil near the Riftlands he wanders the Northern lands looking for a way home.  Seen here in his travelling gear with runeaxe covered safely, and with his entire life on his back.  This is the road trip version ofD032.
In case you are wondering where his plate armour is, see that small pouch on his belt, it's all in there. Seriously, if you've played D&D at all that's not even close to unrealistic :)
His life before the accident is unknown to most, you can find more information here though ;)

Amalthea, Hedgewitch Extraordinaire
Amalthea is the most common, but not only, name of this travelling Hedgewitch. Known throughout the lowlands amongst low-level magic users and healers for her knowledge of both arts. Almost never seen without her great staff and seen here in regular travelling clothes.

Argio Tholos, White WItch
Argia Tholos, a White Witch, seen here with her ever-present oaken staff. A mortal enemy of the followers of the Dark Gods, especially theSuccubi of Sthorana, she is rarely seen away from the Riftlands. She has become such a thorn in the side of the Succubi that their own dark witches have even taken to glamouring themselves into looking like a perversion of her form to sow distrust amongst he people of the region.

Semira Marise, Succubus Witch
Semira Marise is an elder Witch of Sthorana. A longtime foe of Argia Tholos, it was her idea for the Succubi to glamour themelves into her form and sow discord for her amongst the people of the Riftlands.
Semira uses both her own magic and the nighttime machinations of her Succubi and Incubi to grow her power.

Incubus (a), the uhm.. yeah that one.
Much like their female counterparts, the Incubi of the HF world aren't always shy and demuring young demons either, sometimes, as the situation warrants, they can be quite... forthright :)

Incubus (b), The Proud One
Not all of the Incubi of the HF world use subtle seduction , some are a little too proud and pefer more straightforward techniques.

Incubus (c), The Relaxed One
They're not all that clever either, this one actually thinks he 'is' using a subtle seduction technique. Ah well.

A Party of Incubi
Ain't no party like an Incubi Party cos an Incubi Party don't stop! So they say. Somewhere.

All three Incubi in a pack for 10% off.
I mean at this point I'm out of ways to talk about naked demonic dudes showing off their junk, just buy them!

The Demonically Sexy Megapack!
An Opulence of Succubi and a Party of Incubi all in one box with a 'Half Price' Semira Marise, what more could you want?

(If you're buying this lot, 'please' do not email me the answer to that question, those kind of thoughts are best kept to you and your therapist).

Etched Brass Restock!
Big brass restock including the 3 new codes above. We'll be keeping in better stock of these permanently now, sorry for the interruption in service :)

And FInally...
Unfortunately, the delay in Salute cleanup mentioned at the start means that we only now have a proper list of what retail items we still have after the show. This means they didn't make this newsletter, sorry about that, keep an eye on our FB page for updates on that, we'll be working on it all week.

The Whites are back from Reapercon, which means after a few days of downtime to recover from travelling (and possibly a few more days to finish the Grymn he was working on) Kev will be back on the job and has agreed to undertake another 'Challenge'. As with the last challenge, one of the minis will be based on a public vote so.. hmm I suppose that means to also keep an eye on our FB page then :)

Ok, that's it.  I'm too tired and too painkillered up to bore you any longer *sneef* *sympathy fishing*

'til next time,


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