Saturday, 2 May 2015

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Another Mantic Games open day coming up...

May Day

There are just two weeks remaining until this year’s May Mantic Open Day and in a typical kind of Mantic way, we thought we would mix it up a bit!
Rather than our traditional goodie bag, on entry you can choose a special thank you. Either get free copies of any two Mantic books worth £20, or get £10 to spend in the shop on the day on whatever goodies you want. Tickets are just a fiver, and kids get in free, making it a great family day out! Hurry - get your ticket here.

We come in peace! 

My friends, the extermination has begun… Mars Attacks Wave III is now shipping!
Extermination is the second expansion for Mars Attacks, complete with new scenarios, new abilities and all the rules for Stompy Robots, Tiger Corps, Giant Bugs and Science Division.
Giant Martian Robot - 7" of pure Martian Mayhem! The biggest model we've made, there are lots of different options with which to crush humanity.
The first expansion, Mars Attacks: Humanity Resists is back in stock! Get all you need to defend against the invaders or use the Martian Saucer in your games. Check it out!

Also in the world of wargaming:
With all of the excitement around Extermination, don’t forget that it all starts with the crazy tabletop game of martian mayhem. In this video,Warren from Beasts of War takes you through how to play a game!
Larry got his hands on a copy of the Mars Attacks starter set and unboxed it for all to see in this great little video from Bell of Lost Souls.
Modular Modern Scenery - Coming soon! (Preview images posted by the Terrain Tutor on Beasts of War)
OH! So there you have it Chopper, a spectacular announcement for Dreadball fans all over! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your new position and I am excited to see what this circuit brings to the table for Dreadball. More I’m sure will come on the exciting announcement. I’m Jonny P reporting to you on the creation of the North American Dreadball Circuit or NADBC. Back to you Chopper and Dreadball Wives: GCPS Sphere 1 on DSPN.”
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