Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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It's difficult for me to get excited about Dreadball offers at the moment as I get two of pretty much everything as part of my Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter pledge...

...but just in case you didn't...

A Taste of the Xtreme

We really hope that you enjoyed our big reveals last week – how about that Enforcer Interceptor eh?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be delving into it all in much more detail. This week is dedicated to all things DreadBall, and we’ll have a good look at Season Five in particular...

Play Ball!
Xtreme, Deadzone and Mars Attacks have one, and now original DreadBall gets a deluxe gaming pitch.

Rollable, crease- and tear- resistant, this non-slip mat includes slots for organizing your games, and a hyper-kinetic surface to make you score more points. Probably.

You can now get your Gruba-Tek VII Coliseum gaming pitch from the Mantic Webstore.
A Taste of the Extreme - DreadBall Season Five

DreadBall Season Five is now available to pre-order and begins shipping in June. You can find out more about Season Five this week in the DreadBall Blog Week.
DreadBall Season Five: Ro-tek Brutes Mechanites Team

We've also put together a great value-for-money deal if you pre-order through the website: get the Convict, Kalyshi, Mechanite and Mutant Teams, the Strike Zone Stunner MVPs and a FREE copy of DreadBall Season Five Rulebook in the Season Pass Complete Collection bundle.
A Mind of their Own 

Whilst not DreadBall related, we cap off our this month’s Mars Attacks focus with something really special. Back when we did the Mars Attacks Kickstarter, we committed to a one-print run only compendium, and we have a few left:
A highly limited edition Mars Attacks Compendium, including all of the rules for Mars Attacks and expansions in one 216-page hardback book. The book also includes exclusive content such as rules for Solo Play, Martian Zombies, and bonus scenarios.
The Martians have a mind of their own! Take command of the heroes of Greenville, play co-operatively against the Martians or face the threat solo, powered by this card deck. The rules can be found in the limited edition Mars Attacks Compendium and free online.
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