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UK Games Expo - More Event News.

It's going to be a busy few days...

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UKGE for Game Designers and Publishers


UK Games Expo is primarily about playing games. It is also one of the if not the best gathering places in the UK for Hobby games designers and publishers and those looking to get started publishing games.
Today I am looking at the events and activities at UKGE of special interest to game publishers and budding game designers. These are the events to try and get to - your bucket list if you like.
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Come to the Coiledspring Games Pre-show Sneakpeak!

On the Thursday evening at UK Games Expo, Coiledspring Games are hosting a Pre-show Sneak Peak Games night. The idea is that exhibitors may bring along a new game and gamers and other exhibitors can try them out.
This is an opportunity to rub shoulders with designers and see some of the new designs.
THU 7pm till 11 Colonial Suite No Charge - anyone in the hotel can gain access.

Try out existing Prototypes and bring your own in Playtest

A Boardgame Playtesting Event

Organised by Playtest
Ever designed a board game and want to see how it plays?
Interested in playing new board games before they are released and maybe getting your name in the credits?
Everyone is welcome to take part in this event for board game designers and playtesters. Just bring along a playable prototype of a board game or card game that you are developing and receive comments from our playtesters.

See the Ups and downs of Game design in the feature movie The Next Great American Game

UK Games Expo cinema: the Arden Suite 6.30 Saturday

The documentary film follows Randall Hoyt on his quest to publish The Next Great American Game. From the crowded halls of Gen Con to the back rooms of Toy Fairs in Chicago and New York, Randall enthusiastically pitches his games to publishers large and small. Back home, he continues to refine his game with a small group of play testers and work long hours on his computer -- cutting cardboard and bits.
Randall's unbridled enthusiasm in the face of adversity and his wry observations about the board game industry itself make this a viewing treat.
In his Forrest Gump like journey, Randall pitches to industry giant MayFair Games, meets former Hasbro exec Mike Gray, accosts Steve Jackson on a convention floor, and has a chance encounter with decision makers at USAOpoly with unexpected results.
Followed by a short Q+A session.

Full Schedule of Seminars

Over the three main days of UK Games Expo we present 12 seminars with guests from all aspects of the gaming industry.
On Friday you can learn in the How to Draw like a Pro workshop how to use your artistic skills in the games industry. That is followed by How to Write like a Pro where you can polish writing kills needed to create roleplaying adventures. These workshop have only 15 seats each so be sure to get there on time,
On Saturday you have the choice of several events. You can learn how to create scenarios for Xwing. You can discover what it is like to be inside the games industry and be a professional game designer from Eric Lang. Cat Tobin, MonicaValentinelli, and guests look at making games more relevant to women. Monica along with Matt Mcelroy then look at how to write and publish RPG games through drive through RPG. Finally for Saturday Randall Hoyte discusses his experiences trying to get a game published in the USA.
On Sunday Udo Schmitz kicks off the schedule by talking about how Carcassonne became such a success. Eric Lang returns to answer your questions on the games industry. NSKN Games and Black Box Games, two companies who have found out in the last few years what it truly takes to publish games from scratch will share their knowledge. Finally Matt and Monica return to discuss designing and making games for licensed products like Firefly.
To look in detail at the seminars and plan which to attend, click here.
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Try your hand at design in the Board Game Redesign Competition

Leisure Games, Surprised Stare and Little Metal Dog show will launch the 2016 Board Game Redesign competition at 9am on Saturday in the seminar room.
Budding designers will be given a set of components of an already published game and will have 7 months to design a completely new game. Change the text on the card, adapt the pieces here, repurpose tokens there and voila; a new game is born. then our judges will step in and shortlist the entries.
A short list of entries will be invited to show their game at UK Games Expo 2016.
You can see the 2015 short listed entries in the Monarch near the PlayTest area on Saturday. The winner will be chosen and presented with their award on Sunday and will go on to enjoy a year's mentorship the same prize will apply in 2016 so come along Saturday am and find out all about it.
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