Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some Beyond the Gates of Antares news from Warlord Games...

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The Warlord Games design studio continue their tireless work bringing the forces of the Antarean universe to life - with new units being sighted for all six factions, to a chorus of excited cooing and giddy cheers across Warlord HQ

Behind the scenes, it's a vision of frenetic activity all across the Warlord site - from sculptors, painters, both the resin and metal production teams, play-testing, and some strange structures have been spotted around the Web Team office...


Available to order today - the Algoryn forces receive reinforcement in the form of the agile Intruder Scout Skimmers - click here to take a look!
The Intruders are supplied in a 3-Skimmer resin/metal hybrid squad set, and are due to start shipping in early March. If you order direct through the Warlord webstore, you'll be among the very first players to get your hands on them!

Click here to learn more about the Intruders, and their role among the Algoryn forces.
To see the Intruder Scout Skimmers a little closer, click the image above to see them in 360 degrees!
This weekend also saw another update from the Warlord design studio - including this fine fellow... the Freeborn special character to be introduced in the next  supplement...

Amano Harran is the long estranged nephew of Vard Bero Harran of House Oszon - and has made a name for himself amongst the worlds of the Determinate... Rumoured to have been equipped with alien derived space drives as yet unknown to the panhuman civilisations of Antarean space - his ship, the Nebula has journeyed to worlds beyond the ordinary congress of human space...


Andres has finished painting the Algoryn Mag Mortar and is now hard at work on the Freeborn Sky Raider squad as well as batter, medi, camo, shield, gun and compactor drones.

Steve has now finish the Freeborn special character that will be introduced in the forthcoming supplement. He's now immersed in plastic US Airborne for Bolt Action.

Wojtek has completed Boromite Engineers, mag cannon and mag heavy support teams. He's working on the Isorian X-howitzer and crew currently before turning his attention to a Boromite special character which will also be making it's entrance in the supplement.

Russ has survived his ski trip and France - and is now due to turn his attention to some seriously cool new stuff for the supplement.

Anna has been working on maps and graphics for the supplement and Rick is feverishly working on the manuscript.

We've had the 3D prints of the C3M4 and the first tools are being cut at the moment. Prints for the C3T7 transporter drone are en route to us and that will follow soon after.

Our resin team are working on the masters for Fartok and Karg and we hope to be painting those in the next couple of weeks.

It's a bit busy here!


If you're new to Beyond the Gates of Antares, and you're interested in collecting an Algoryn force, look no further than the Algoryn Combat Force deal.

We've specifically designed it to offer a solid core force from which you can expand - we've suggested an 8/9 Order Dice Army List around the 1,000pt mark which can be built - however, you can of course play around with additional equipment and Army Options - or could even play around with fielding less squads, with more models... so there is plenty of scope for personalisation and list tweaking...

The Algoryn Combat Force contains:
- 1 x Algoryn AI Command
- 3 x Algoryn AI Squad
- 1 x Algoryn Assault Squad
- 1 x Algoryn Infiltrator Squad
- 1 x Algoryn X-Launcher
- 1 x Algoryn Mag Light Support
- 1 x Algoryn Targeter Probes
Order now
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