Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares Newsletter

Some background fiction and an update from the design team.....

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Another slice of Antarean fiction from Tim Bancroft this week - as well as an update from the Warlord design studio, detailing what's currently being worked upon.

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Continuing his recent string of Antarean fiction pieces, Tim Bancroft returns this week... and a storm is setting-in – click here to take a look!
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This weekend saw another update direct from Paul Sawyer - head of the Warlord Design Studio... also - the two mysterious images above have been rumoured to have come from the Warlord studio however the IMTel has failed to triangulate their precise nature...

Andres has finished painting the Freeborn Sky Raiders (and gorgeous they look too), plus a raft of buddy drones. He's almost done with General Jar Es Tanar and has made a start on Algoryn Medics, Ghar Attack Scutters, Boromite Rock Riders and the Isorian Command Squad...

Wojtek has finished the Isorian X-howitzer. He's currently working on a Boromite character for the new supplement, a new Isorian troop type for said supplement as well as crews for the Boromite Heavy Mag Cannon.

Russ has been hard at work on XXXXXXX, XXXX and XXXXXX (IMTel DENIED - ++INCOMPATIBLE NANOSPORE++) for the new supplement.

Our friends at Sarissa Precision have been working on some new toys for the supplement too...

We've also hired a new in-house figure painter so we can bring you more releases, faster!


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