Monday, 8 February 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some interesting new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

January can Bleep right off!
Let's all pretend January didn't exist. What a bloody palaver. We came back from a Christmas break where I had 'zero' actual break due to a lengthy and painful sinus infection and instead of being able to crack on with the year we immediately got hit by the news that our car was dead and the garage had failed to fix it completely.
A couple of weeks of trying to make sure the backed-up holiday orders went out, in between driving around in the expensive hire car trying to find a replacement later, I realised that wasn't working, bit the bullet and just bought a new one. Yes, an actual 'new' one, and no I havent't won the lottery. I bought a 'Dacia' Sandero Ambiance, feel free to go look them up if you like, they're basically the new Skoda. Insanely cheap cars from Romania that are far better than you'd think.

So we're back on the road and it took the rest of January to clean up the mess. There is some residual annoyance from the fact that our admin@ mailbox is 'still' randomly classifying emails as spam if you look at it funny but we plan on resolving that soon by changing our email address entirely, we'll let you know when that happens :)

Right, I think that has fulfilled my 'always moan at the start of the newsletter' duties for this week! I ave no idea what I'm going to do when a week goes by and I haven't even so much as stubbed my toe, I'll probably make something up so you lot don't get weirded out by my beaming positivity ;)

Right, on with the awesome tiny people!
Resin Masters - Penn State Five Elite
The Individual Penn State Five Elite are now available as resin masters. All available below their discounted multi-pack.
We may do some more #'Elite' minis, as we have grown a rather serious arsenal of modern major weaponry, so keep your eyes out for upgraded versions of existing minis in the future! :)
Resin Master - Elite Gaia
'Gaia' is another of our Zombocalypse survivors, it's not her real name, nobody asks twice. Hailing from downtown Miami this woman is not one to be messed with. Seen here with a choice of weaponry all picked up from a looted store in St Petersburg and light clothes and bandana to help with the southeastern heat.
We'll have some pics of her assembled with her various options next week, but as she's in-hand we thought some of you might wanna jump in rather than wait for us to get those done.

The options are a right hand weapon of either a hockey stick, sword or assault rifle and then some backpack style options of a sheath, travel bag and pouch pack.

Also available as a single piece blue resin special, assembled with just the sword and sheath.
Resin Master - Sister Morrigan
Morrigan is a Battle Sister of the Ordinem Sanctae Malleo. Unflinching and unforgiving, she wields her twin hammers with deadly precision and the strength of the Faithful. Seen here in full battle armour and plaited hair, early in her career.
This is Morrigan slightly earlier in her life, before her promotion and adoption of the two-handed maul. She also has hair!
(There's a slight possibility that the weapons are interchangeable between the two bodies and we may make some small changes to release them for metal - we'll let ya know!)
Resin Master - Pulse
'Pulse' is a member of the same underground society as Jynx. Her powers are slightly less flashy and she is seen here slinking off into the night and pulling up her hoodie.
Another mini for those who wanted either modern civilians or minis that could be used for games like Shadowrun.
Resin Master - Danica
Danica is another member of the mercenary circle that containsEkaterinaRowen and Ryan.
While she can handle her pistols fairly well she has a particular soft spot for getting up close and personal with a pretty unique set of weapons that are essentially electrified tonfa.
Not a woman to be messed with!
Tregar the Wanderer
Little is known of Tregar's origin, too many conflicting tales muddy the waters. Most agree that his battle against the great Hog Giant in the Swamps of Hen'Darr was one of epic proportions. Some tales include a stint as the leader of one of the roaming tribes of the Southern Steppes and others say it was as a Zuun of the Horde. Vying with the great 'Wolf' for most talked about barbarian in the realms, find any tavern favoured by the adventuring kind and you will find another story of 'Tregar the Wanderer'.
Seen here mid-fight and armed with a battleaxe and shield with a longsword strapped to his thigh.
Jeanne, Guardian of the Good
A young female 'paladin' from a peasant background, Jeanne is a follower of the One God. This has made her a number of enemies amongst the noble followers of the Old Gods but she continues to defy her age and has been the lynchpin in a number of important battles.
Seen her in full plate armour, with underlying chain ,and armed with a bastard sword.
'Blanche' is a servant of the Dark Gods, a fearsome warrior with a magical power over men. Her face is so perfectly smooth and hair so bountiful that some argue her real persona is hidden beneath. 
Bedecked in ribbed plate, accessorised with a horn and cloak from an exotic giant reptile and carrying a darksteel sword.
CDA Paint Restock
We had a healthy paint restock in this past week!
And Finally...
Newsletters should be coming 3 or 4 a month now for the forseeable future. All running up to Salute and then... our first KS! Shh, don't tell anyone. It's a small one to get our feet wet so don't be expecting miracles :) More details closer to the time and there'll be a sneak peek at Salute.

Despite the disaster that was last month, we're still doing our best to fix some old moulds this month. We shall be trying to bring back some of those minis that have been out of commission for quite some time (such as Dominatrix LIbby, Dain, haela etc), plus, while we're at it, commission some moulds for things that have been left at the wayside, like the Modern Trooper 'bitz', heads and Modern Armoury Sprues, Woot!

Kev has been somewhat surprised by the increasing popularity of hisartist's page on FB. So just to freak him out some more, if you haven't already 'liked' that, go and do so. It's the best place to get early images of WIP minis and, very rarely, to influence how they turn out.
I think that's it, if I've forgotten anything then I shall just have to keep to my 'newsletter a week' thing so I can say whatever it is next week.
'til next time,

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