Saturday, 13 February 2016

River Horse Newsletter

Some Labyrinth board game and Terminator miniatures game news...

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered... 

Another newsletter and another stunning sculpt for our upcoming Labyrinth board game.  Johnny is continuing to wow us with the detail and feeling he captures in the figures.
The game is at the short finals stage, we should be able to announce release dates soon!

Let us know what you think here.


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beThe 'Duel' set is now available...
To celebrate, Free rules download and website promotion!

Locked in mortal combat, these two terminators battle it out to the bitter end – the shiny and lethal T-3000 series and the “old but not obsolete” T-800. Available in highly detailed Resin from our online shop here.

The rules for the T-3000, new magnetic weapons for Pops and the Resistance, and the prototype T-700 class terminators are in the free downloadable pdfs – get them below.

Also available below, the pdf of the Quick Start Rules - the Terminator Genisys rules cut down to the minimum you need to know to play with just the contents of the starter set.

And that's not all! – We have changed the shipping options in the store, so international shipping is a lot cheaper and to celebrate that, until the end of the month, if you type "travelpass" into the webstore coupon box you will  receive 15% off all purchases!


Click here for download.

Click here for download.



Want to win some Terminator prizes?  Can you handle a brush?
We have a competition going on at the moment, with some great prizes.
Head to the Facebook page for more details.
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