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Gav Thorpe Newsletter

Some news from the author Gav Thorpe on various of his current and upcoming projects...

Fantasy Artwork from Gav's Website

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  • The Emperor Expects - The Beast Arises Book Three
  • #TheEmperorExpects Competition
  • Inheritor - A Horus Heresy Short Story
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  • Blog Post Round-Up
  • Kickstarter - Parallax: Warband
  • Bi-Monthly Competition


Welcome to another instalment of ‘What Gav has been doing that he can actually tell us about’. As I mentioned in my last newsletter I was planning to use most of January and February to finish an original fantasy novel. Yeah. Didn’t quite work out that way, although I have made copious notes and had some fantastic ideas of where to take it, the actual word count hasn’t really gone up by a lot…
I’ve finished rewrites on book 8 of The Beast Arises, wonderfully titled ‘The Beast Must Die!’ (exclamation mark mandatory). I’ve also been prepping for my next couple of Horus Heresy projects – one an audio called The Thirteenth Wolf and the other a return to the Raven Guard.
I also have my first Age of Sigmar novel coming up. I can’t say much about it right now, but keep an eye on the social media and website for some news in the coming weeks. I’m really intrigued to find out what people think of it, with the setting being so new it’s a blank canvas in some respects but also quite focussed in others.
In gaming news it’s been good to see that Carl from Second Thunder has taken delivery of physical copies of the Open Combat rulebook. I’m looking forward to him dropping off my copy and some snazzy OC dice, and maybe actually using them for a game! Stranger things have been known.
Hardback Book of Open Combat from Second Thunder
I’ve also talked to Nick at Black Library recently about pitching a new series or two. There are lots of potential areas I’d love to delve into. Current favourites are the Inquisition, the Adeptus Mechanicus and Knights, and maybe turning to Space Marines that aren’t Dark Angels (although I do have one more DA project in the works already). And, of course, there are more Phoenix Lords that I could visit following on from Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan. What would you like to see me tackle over the coming years?

The Emperor Expects

Cover of The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe
The Emperor Expects, book three in The Beast Arises series, is now available in hardback, eBook and mp3.
"As ork attacks increase, the Imperial Navy musters a counterattack – but can even the greatest fleet assembled since the Horus Heresy make a dent in the power of the greenskins? Elsewhere, the last survivors of Ardamantua make plans for the future…"
Here's what others have had to say:
"The characters are a strong part of this book. They are truly… – human. Yes, that’s exactly it – Gav has created believable characters who are truly alive on each page"
– Andrey Nalytov, Goodreads
“Stayed up late to finish #TheEmperorExpects. Bloody hell. I did not expect that ending. Just brilliant. Well done @DennisHamster.”
– Ryan, Twitter
“I finished it way too soon, Really good work Gav, I enjoyed the hell out of it”
– Will Wright, Facebook
I've also published my author's noteson the collaborative series, aninterview with Black Library, and themusic playlist I used for writing it.

#TheEmperorExpects Competition

As launched in the last newsletter, I ran a competition to win two copies of The Emperor Expects.  Thomas from the USA won the new newsletter subscriber copy (Hi Thomas!) and @vidpui won #theemperorexpects competition with his winning entry:
#TheEmperorExpects at least 1 Valentines day card that isn't from his mum
I was chuckling for days at some of the entries - here are a couple of my other favourites (and this blog has all the entries):
#TheEmperorExpects to be bitterly disappointed on Father’s day, again. Inappropriate IOU “next crusade I promise” is inappropriate. Kasrkin Koala
#TheEmperorExpects his boys to go and sit in the eye of terror and think about what they’ve done. Dan Findlay-Robinson ‏@FRBlackSheep

Newsletter Q&A

Tom asked on the blog: Currently I’m also writing a few 250 word test pieces for the Black Library author pool and find myself conflicted between writing descriptive text and keeping below the tiny word count. Do you have any tips for writing engaging scenes within limited page-space or any advice generally regarding the author pool process?
My advice would be to pick a very specific thing – something that can really be summed up with a killer last line – and then work back from there in the shortest time and distance possible. Action (as opposed to description) and reaction are the meat of it. If I get a chance, I’ll perhaps try to write a 250-word piece to demonstrate what I mean… Good luck, write freely and edit hard!  [Additional response: You could also take a look at my Three Top Tips for Black Library Submissions blog post.
If you want to ask a question, just reply to the newsletter and I'll get back to you as soon as my schedule allows.  I'll pick the best question to go in the next newsletter, and combine them all into a blog post for the website.  Click the button below for the full Q&A round-up for February.

Blog Post Round-Up

It has been a busy month on the blog this time.  I've posted two writing advice articles in response to questions received - one on how to avoid info-dumping when world building, and the second on the nitty-gritty of planning your writing.
Also on the theme of writing, I posted my top library loans list, following the latest PLR statement.  I was pleased to see Ravenwing and Master of Sanctity up at the top.
There were two interviews - one withJousting with the Imagination where I talk about writing for a living, and what being freelance means to me, and one with Combat Phase where I talk about the Legacy of Caliban series, and Dark Angels in the 31st and 41st Millennia.
There was also the artwork reveal for Angels of Caliban - another awesome Horus Heresy cover from Neil Roberts, that sees The Lion and Night Haunter go head-to-head in fiery goodness.
Part of the artwork for Angels of Caliban


Who doesn't love a big stompy spellcasting elephant - or Hadjen as they are called in Parallax: Warband?  More of a warrior cat person?  They have those too - along with other great non-human miniatures.
Hadjen Miniature Design for Parallax: Warband Kickstarter Campaign
After just missing out on funding last year, the new campaign already looks to be a success, but there are some great stretch goals to go for too such as a free model and soft cover versions of the rulebook.
The game itself has several elements that interest me – exhaustion and amping/ pushing; damage degrades abilities not abstract hit points; open ended rolls; contracts combine open mission and elements of push your luck.
If you go to the campaign page, you can also read a free short story calledA Fistful of Dirt, which I was asked to write to bring the world and characters of Parallax: Warband to life.

Bi-Monthly Competition

One of the perks of subscribing to my mailing list is that you get entered into the bi-monthly draw to win a personalised, signed copy of one of my books.  The next draw will take place in March, and the winner will receive a copy of my Ravenlord novella.
Cover of The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe, published by Black Library
Cover of Inheritor by Gav Thorpe, published by Black Library
Cover of Ravenlord by Gav Thorpe, published by Black Library

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