Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

This Mantic Games newsletter is focussed upon the Kickstarter for their new The Walking Dead 'All Out War' miniatures game...

Days Gone Bye...
The Walking Dead: All Out War is a brand new skirmish game played with characters from The Walking Dead storyline. Build your group of survivors and kit them out with powerful equipment as you go head-to-head with a rival group in a battle for precious resources.
The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game and range is now on Kickstarter. As we head into the second week we are about to unlock a Kickstarter Exclusive Michonne miniature and have added two great new stretch goals to the campaign as we ramp up for something very special next week...
The first of these new goals adds 6 plastic 3D Barricades to the Something to Fear pledge level. In game, barricades are a great form of defence as they block the movement of Walkers. The number of times Carl has survived in our playtest games by using barricades to get away from a Walker is very high!

There's also a scenery booster which gets you 2 Deluxe Gaming Mat - one for the starter set and one for Atlanta Camp - plus extra scatter terrain, as an optional add-on.
The second stretch goal adds the Roamer Booster – 6 unique Walker miniatures in plastic, in addition to other Walkers. You will also get 4 Equipment Cards, including a Chainsaw and Compound Box for loading out your survivors, and 4 unique Event Cards themed around more Walkers roaming onto the board.
This is a significant addition to the pledge, boosting the number of miniatures, the variety of Walkers you have and the equipment and event cards at your disposal.

These two stretch goals collectively add a further $30 of value to Something to Fear, meaning it is worth $200 at MSRP after five days - with more to come!

But we aren’t done yet as we’re soon to leave Atlanta Camp and see where the road takes us. There are some major characters we’ve not done yet, but maybe Hershel’s farm will reveal more?
Stay tuned to more on the Kickstarter.
What's in the Starter Set?
Including everything you need to play, we unbox the contents of The Walking Dead: All Out War starter set. Read Part 1 and Part 2 on the blog.
Did you know that the Something to Fear pledge level also includes the complete first expansion for the game? Called Atlanta Campread more about the narrative scenarios and cool scenery effects.
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