Friday, 19 February 2016

Unboxing Malifaux - Alternate Firestarter

"It's getting hot in here..."

This was a 'Special Edition' model as part of a recent Wyrd Games sale and therefore arrived in a bag rather than the usual Wyrd Games this is technically an un-bagging rather than an un-boxing but I'm not creating a new tab, lol. It's entirely possible that this model will appear in future promotional events as previous 'Limited Edition' models have also re-appeared later...

The Alternate Firestarter bag contains enough parts for one miniature...namely Alternate Firestarter. It also contains a stat card for him though there are no upgrade cards.

Alternate Firestarter - Sprue
The bag has one sprue in it as well as the aforementioned card. Here's pictures of both sides of it...

Alternate Firestarter - Stat Card
Wyrd Games didn't like my publishing pictures of both sides of the stat cards so you'll have to make do with this...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures or instruction pictures by clicking on them.

Alternate Firestarter - Instructions
I couldn't find any official instructions for this model but as soon as I do they'll appear here.

Some General Notes on Assembly.
Many of these models contain quite small parts so depending on how dexterous you are you might consider getting yourself some tweezers. Dry-fitting is also always a good idea in case a part needs a tiny bit of extra filing or filling as some of the fits are quite tight. Where the parts on the sprue are quite thin (chains, weapon shafts, cables and the like) then it might be better to remove parts with a sharp scalpel rather than cutters.

Alternate Firestarter - Assembled
The main body is a single piece apart from one leg. The flames are attached to the bodies arms via tiny 'nozzles' so be careful both when assembling the model and removing this piece from the sprue. The separate pipes have attachment points on the rear and should align with the barrel/nozzle sections on the wrists if all has gone well...though holding them in place and adding a spot of glue will do the job if they don't align perfectly.

Alternate Firestarter - Comparison Picture
Here's a comparison picture between the standard Firestarter from the Kaeris 'Burning Revelation' Starter Set and this the alternate version.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Is this alternate firestarter a man or a woman..? I keep thinking it's one, then looking again and changing my mind, I really can't tell anymore.

  2. Hello Gmorts. This post was very helpful. I just got my hands on this model and used your photos to help me figure out how to put the hoses together. I have to admit that the spot where you have to attach the hoses to the fuel pack at the top is tricky and I almost glue my fingers to the model. Thankfully that didn't happen.

    As always your posts are a great resource for me and I really appreciate the work that you do.

    1. It's nice to be appreciated :-)


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