Monday, 22 February 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases from the guys and gals at Hasslefree Miniatures....

More Stuff!
I am breaking tradition this week and not moaning about anything! :D

It's a short one anyway, a few new items, a restock and some sad news.
So let's get on with it!
Resin Master - Kami Riko
Kami is a descendant of the Riko family, founders of one of the galaxy's largest weapons megacorps. Somewhat of a black sheep of the family, she fought with the Rebels against the Akulian Empire and has since lived a life of adventure rather than boardrooms and takeovers.
Comes with a choice of 3 heads.
Resin Master - Grond
Grond is a half-Ogre, lost in the HF world after being caught in a rift in the Veil.  Arriving through the Veil completely naked he is seen here a couple of years later having 'acquired' pretty much everything an adventurer needs. Armed with an old beat-up sword taken from an Orc and a similarly battered buckler taken from a follower fo the Dark Gods.
Also available butt naked! And talking of naked...
Resin Master - Ogre Skyclad
We haven't named him yet, as name inspiration normally comes from the finished model. So for now he is simply 'Ogre Skyclad' :)
Resin Master - Cara Skyclad
young Cara, naked as the day she was born and with a nice bob.

There's never much to say about these finished dolies of Kev,  it's a naked chick, there's no hidden meaning :)
Resin Master - Raisa Skyclad
young Raisa, with a bob, and naked.

Still not much else to say, if you can't tell what it is by looking at it then you need a chat with your parents :D
Earthquake, Ogre Linebacker
An addition to the Golgo line, 'Earthquake' is a large Ogre Linebacker.
Could also be used as a Fantasy mini at a pinch, although the trousers may need some explaining :)
Alpha Zorgl, Space Alien
The Alpha Zorgl is another Golgo addition. A strange and mysterious alien from an unknown planet.
Red Box Restock
We had the first of 2 big Red Box restocks in this past week.
(That reminds me, I really need to get those category images done!)
Some new images for some of the minis too, up the top there is the mighty Jotun Guarthagjalthaggist (painted by Wappellious) and below him are a selection of the Orc Horde (all painted by Dead Fish Painting).

More restocks arriving next week, including the long lost Netherbeast!
RIP Wayne England
Sad news this past fortnight as legendary genre artist Wayne Englandpassed away. While the name may not be familiar (but likely is) his artwork has spread through our hobby throughout the years and a lot of you probably have a book or a magic card with his work on.

There is a Gofundme set up to support his family in this troubled time and help with funeral expenses.
And Finally...
Not a lot to say this week. We're starting out run up to Salute this coming week so expect that to bementioned a lot in the next 3 or 4 newsletters :)
We also have a new painting studio at work, and you'll see a lot more painted studio examples of our minis in upcoming newsletters, culminating in a number of them in a display case at the show.

Following Salute we have plans, firm plans this time :), to run a small-ish Kickstarter. We may sneak some images for that into a newsletter or two pre-Salute but we'll definitely have some advertising posters with us at the show. Please don't expect some huge boxset game or plastic kits etc, this is more of a 'Let's see how this works for us then' Kickstarter.

Oh, before I forget, the admin@... email is still a little iffy. We're attempting to switch over all of our emails in coming weeks so we're dealing with it for now. We'll let everyone know (obviously :D) when we switch emails but for now if you feel like you've had one missed then please e-send to the info@... email that you receive you order confirmation, despatch emails etc. from. It's a 'lot' less spam filled.

Right, that's it, it's late so I'm sending this quickly. If there's more than the usual amount of typos that's now my excuse ;)
'til next time,

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