Sunday, 7 February 2016

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Some new Space Wolf rules.....

Every Space Wolves unit
Including the new Wulfen of the 13th Company

This new digital edition of Codex: Space Wolves gives you all the rules you need to lead the ferocious warriors of Fenris in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

There's a huge amount of content in here, including: 
  • 42 fully updated unit Datasheets
  • 14 Formations including ones for the most renowned of the Space Wolves Great Companies
  • The Wolf's Claw Strike Force, a Detachment that allows you to combine your formations into true army of The Rout.
Plus all the great background, artwork, and citadel miniatures galleries you'd expect from one of our codexes.
This new codex is only available digitally
Choose the format that's right for you:
Mobile & Tablet Editions
If you have an Android or Windows device then this is what you're looking for. Order from to get access to both screen sizes allowing you to use this easily across multiple devices.

Enhanced Edition
Designed for iPad and iPhone, this interactive edition of the codex comes with extra features such as Quick-link rules and a Force Requisition collection manager to help you organise your army for battle.

War Zone Fenris
Space Wolves | Chaos Daemons
We're really excited about this title: not only do we see the return of the infamous 13th Company of the Space Wolves, but with their arrival, the entire story of the Warhammer 40,000 universe moves forwards — the galaxy will never be the same again...
The Story:
Across the Galaxy, warpstorms plunge whole worlds into Chaos. As Daemons materialise across the Imperium, strange warriors emerge to combat them: lost brothers of the Space Wolves Chapter, missing for 10,000 years... The 13th Company has returned.

The Rules:
If you own a copy of the previous Codex: Space Wolves, then this contains all the rules to bring your collection bang up to date.
Chaos Demons players will also find a whole Codex Supplement's worth of rules content inside, including new units, Formations, Detachments, Warlord Traits, Daemonic Artefacts, Psychic Powers and Tactical Objectives.
It really is packed with content, with something in there for any fan of Warhammer 40,000.

Available in two digital formats
Choose the one that's right for you:
Mobile & Tablet Editions
For Android and Windows devices.
Get your copy from to get access to both the Mobile and Tablet editions.

Enhanced Edition
For iPad and iPhone.
A fully interactive edition — great for quick reference and to enjoy the spectacular artwork.

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