Sunday, 7 February 2016

Black Library Newsletter - Lost Brothers Return

A brand new Space Wolves novel...and some old ones...

A brand new Space Wolves novel

For ten thousand years, the 13th Company have been nothing but legends from a by-gone age.
No more. As daemonic incursions erupt across the galaxy, the Wulfen appear to bring battle to their eternal foes.

The Space Wolves Chapter seek out their lost brothers, and are drawn into a host of conflicts across the Imperium.

But does the return of the 13th Company signal salvation or doom for the sons of Russ?

Exclusive to eBook

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Curse of the Wulfen is February's new Librarium title.
Join the club to read the novel and review it for the Black Library website, along with another new novel every month.

Logan Grimnar has disappeared…
…and it's up to Ulrik the Slayer and Krom Dragongaze to find him. Their quest takes them across the galaxy in this anthology of eight linked tales that pits the Space Wolves against Tau, Dark Eldar, Dark Angels and the forces of Chaos.
Hardback | eBook
Wolves on your wall
Order this dynamic piece of Space Wolves art from the Black Library Gallery Range, to add a touch of Fenrisian savagery to you games room, painting area, or mjod hall.
Strictly limited to 75 copies
Available for one month only...
Space Wolves sagas at a great price

The new Space Wolves Mega Bundle is the ultimate collection of Space Wolves fiction and the perfect accompaniment to the new novel and anthology.

Includes 26 stories

This great-value bundle is only available until the end of the month, so grab it while you can.

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