Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Black Library Newsletter

Some new releases from the Black Library...

More tales of the Inquisition
We Are One
by John French
An inquisitor pursues a vendetta against the Alpha Legion over decades of war

None More Loyal
by Mike Lee
Crimson Fists Space Marines assigned to an inquisitor's service face untold peril

The Keeler Image
by Dan Abnett
The notorious Inquisitor Eisenhorn investigates a relic from the Horus Heresy

Lesser Evils
by Toby Frost
An Inquisitorial kill team must free a vital prisoner – from the custody of the Imperium!

Necessary Evil
by Rob Sanders
Renegade Inquisitor Czevak seeks an artefact on a moon inhabited by mutants

Hidden Depths
by Sandy Mitchell
Inquisitor Amberley Vail leads a team into the depths of an enemy-haunted hive city

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