Thursday, 8 September 2016

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The Siege of Castellax
by C L Werner

Chosen by Josh Reynolds
"Sometimes, you just want to read about bad things happening to bad people. And that, in a nutshell, is why I enjoyed The Siege of Castellax, by CL Werner.
The Iron Warriors are monstrous in their depravity, despicable in their callousness, and frustrating in their assumed arrogance. Too, their increasingly spiteful interactions with one another serve to create a perfect anticipatory foundation for their eventual karmic comeuppance.

Simply, you love to hate them. And you love to watch them die. Werner excels at these sorts of characters and the cast of this novel is no exception. With a deft hand, he sketches out a group of the most unpleasant Chaos marines this side of the Third Legion. Their redeeming features are few and far between, and serve only to highlight their horrid natures.
This is not to say that the book is devoid of sympathetic characters. But their struggles aren’t the point. We paid our tickets to see horrible Iron Warriors die horribly, and, well, that’s what we get."
– Josh Reynolds
The Ambassador
"Read it for one of the great fantasy characters in retired general-turned-ambassador, Kaspar von Velten."
– David Guymer

Path of the Warrior
"A rich, convincing sense of the culture of Craftworld Alaitoc, and the majestic tragedy that is the path of the Eldar."
– David Annandale

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