Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

One of those mid-week feature round-ups from Warlord Games...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news.

Teddy Bear Fur Battlefields

Covering Normandy in Teddy Bear Fur:
Step by Step, the inspiring battlefields of David and Kalissa Skibicki.

Bolt Action Scenario

The Hunt for Tiger 131:
Andy Singleton brings us a quick fire tank scenario for your Bolt Action battlefields!

Antares Isorians

Antares Inspiration:
Awesome examples of painted Antares miniatures abound on facebook and none more so than these Isorians from James Wappel.

Antares Freeborn Ferals

RichD's model converting madness continues:
With the Celt Warhound Packmaster model, who happens to be wearing a fur cloak... out came the clippers and the hobby knife...

Essential Listening

Freeborn Shard Podcast:
Sit back and paint listening in on Tim and Justin as they tackle tactics for the Outcast Rebels...
TWG Tutorial Video:
Painting US Infantry with the Army Painter System.

Museum Visits

Calling all tread heads and armoured aficionados:
If there’s one event to attend then this may just be it! Head down to Dorset and see the displays at Bovington Tank Museum Saturday 8th October…
Vacancy: Miniatures Designer
Our design studio is looking to add an in-house figure designer to the existing sculpting team.
Vacancy: Web Marketing and Sales Apprentice
This is an exciting opportunity to join the Warlord web sales team.

Coming Soon:

Upcoming Events - October
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Bolt Action Polo Shirts:
Pre-Orders being taken for your Bolt Action logo Polo Shirts
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