Saturday, 10 September 2016

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Some Kings of War news from Mantic Games...

We want to hear from YOU
The more alert of you may have spotted from our recent Facebook activity - starring everyone's favourite transdimensional bounty hunter - that we're gearing up for something very special in the weeks to come.

However, before we unleash any kind of Mantic madness (most people have probably only just recovered from Ronnie's clearance video) we want to hear from YOU about the things we've got right (or wrong) in the past. This will ensure any future activity isbigger and better than ever before.

So, you've got until September 19th to fill in our Mantic survey and let us know your thoughts. Even better, we'll give away £150/$200 store credit to one lucky recipient who completes the survey. What are you waiting for? Get answering...
After recently announcing Kings of War Historical - which has gone down exceptionally well - Ronnie has decided to spill the beans about some big plans we've got for Kings of War in 2017 and beyond. If you like the sound of a global campaignnew units, an entirely new army and lots more, then make sure youhead to the blog to find out more.

We'll be kicking things off next month with a selection of new Kings of War releases, including a Dwarf Stone Priest, Tortured Souls, Forces of Nature Earth Elementals and gorgeous Naiad Wyrm Riders. More details on all those shortly...
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