Saturday, 17 September 2016

Modiphius Newsletter

An update on Modiphius's Mutant Chronicles 'Siege of the Citadel' Kickstarter...

  • Remember! Dark Legion Pledges are now getting the Brotherhood box!
  • We revealed two surprise stretch goals - the Attila III mini at $155k (unlocked) and Yojimbo mini at $160k. These are just 2 of a 6 figure Reinforcement pack for all factions, included free in the Dark Legion Pledge
  • Check more of the figure sculpts below!
  • Here's a playtest video we posted of a short game, with Garry, Rita and Chris from Modiphius working through some of the new rules. Please note all components are playtest only (including the OLD 1st edition miniatures!)  

$186 value and growing!

The $149 Dark Legion pledge is now 

Commander Christopher Birch, Doomtrooper Command, Venus

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Modiphius, 35 Harwood Road, London, Greater London SW64QP United Kingdom

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