Saturday, 10 September 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news.
Bolt Action 2nd Edition Sold Out! Wave 2 Pre-Orders are now being taken!
We've sold out of the first wave of the BA 2nd Ed. Hardback rules! A huge thank you from John and All the Warlord Team! Pre-Order Wave 2 allocation is now underway:
Order your copy!
Band of Brothers Available Today!
Get Prepared for your battles of Bolt Action Second Edition!
Get your Templates, Tokens, Pin Markers, Dice and Bags so you're ready for your first Bolt Action Second Edition Battles:
Are you pondering what to work on next? Have no fear - we've put together this bundle of essential resources especially for you:
Get down to your local stockists for a Bolt Action 2nd Edition day!
NEW stockists added! Take a look at which local stockists will be running Bolt Action 2nd Edition activities on release day, the Saturday 17th September:
My Nearest Store
Get started in Napoleonics!
Get the Waterloo starter set plus 4 FREE Cavalry Officers whilst stocks last:
Deal now in Store
Get started in Antares!
Get the Antares Hardback Rulebook plus PDF rulebook plus The Battle For Xilos supplement at a fantastic £40/$65 whilst stocks last!
Deal now in Store
Grab 5 FREE infantry plus drones with a C3T7 Transport.
Deal now in Store
Fancy a platoon of walkers for Konflikt '47?
The Clockwork Goblin Chaps have been hard at it and here are some rules for upgrading your single walkers into formidable platoons:
Walker Platoon in Store
TWG open up the box and have a blast with the new German Spinne:
Konflikt ’47 has taken the world by storm – rift-tech contraptions have been sighted across the globe, and are taking to the tabletop battlefield by shock and awe...
Konflikt '47 Sets in Store
Bolt Action battle report - 1940: Norway. Battle of Narvik (2 vs 1) Allies vs Ger.
Back in February, we launched a ‘Call to Arms’ in an effort to rally the community together to help-out TTB’s Damon and his family.
Local Store Highlight: Marquee models - Bolt Action event Sat. 17th September.
Upcoming Events - September
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