Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Unboxing Raging Heroes - Natasha 'KST Com Operator'

"I'm just going to put you on hold..."

In this feature we're going to look at one of the characters for the Kurganova Shock Troops...

For those of you who are interested in the background for Raging Heroes various 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' projects then the link to their original Kickstarter can be found here, their last project is here and their own website is located here. Most of their original Kickstarter is now available to purchase retail. There is also apparently a game system in development but until then I'm sure there are many other systems that you can be using them for...

First we'll have a brief look at the background for the Kurganovas and then we'll meet Natasha.

Led by the ultra-powerful Kurganov family, the Kurganova Shock Troops are a highly organized and disciplined army with underlying Eastern European themes. They also benefit from the support of strong cyber-enhanced paganic magic. This, among other things, allows them to 'waken' the 'were' gene that can transform some members of the Kurganova army into giant were-wolves or were-bears.

Natasha 'KST Com Operator'
Natasha 'KST Com Operator' - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled model parts.

A Brief Note About Resin Models.
Also it's worth noting that many resin models have a slightly greasy feel caused by the substance they use to stop them sticking to the moulds during production and this can cause issues with paint not sticking to the model properly. Carefully washing the parts in soapy water will remove this should your model be unduly affected. Parts that are bent (or that aren't and you want to be) can be corrected by heating up slightly in warm water and then bending into the required configuration.

Natasha 'KST Com Operator' - Assembled
This model has one separate arm, a separate leg and a radar piece for the backpack which I didn't attach on mine as I preferred the look without though you can see what it looks like with one attached in the 'official' picture at the top of this feature. The attachment point to the base is quite small so if you're removing the slot piece to attach the model to something else then you might want to consider pinning.

Natasha 'KST Com Operator' - Extras
Here's a look at some renders, painted pictures and early artwork from the Kickstarter process that may interest you all.

Other unboxing and reviews of some raging Heroes 'Toughest Girls of the Galaxy' models as well as some features on other companies products can be found at this link here.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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