Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual mid-week feature and release round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news.
Bolt Action 2nd Edition Pre-Orders are complete and now shipping!
We've had such a huge response stocks are running low! Order soon to ensure you don't miss out:
Find out more about Bolt Action Second Edition
Bolt Action 2nd Edition - The tweaks part 1: Armed Transports
Alessio Cavatore introduces his picks of the changes and Warlord US Gaming Pioneer Jon Russell takes us through how these apply in the 2nd Edition Bolt Action game:
Leicester Phat Catz game club worked on a fantastic game table for the recent Partizan show, and here's how they did it. Constructing the ruined Bio Dome of Alpha Prime:
Find out more about Antares Terrain Sets in Store
The Clockwork Goblin team talk about how the first month has gone, in the pipeline plans BAv2 effects and more:
Find out more about the Konflikt '47 rules in Store
Andy Singleton takes us through the group's progress with their Duel in the Sun armies:
Find out more about Duel in the Sun
TWG break open the paints and go to town with easy techniques to paint your German WWII vehicles for Deserts or the arid Russian Steppe:
View the German Sd.Kfz 234 armoured car series in Store
Pegasus Bridge
Pegasus Bridge The movie is taking shape and in this article the Director Lance Neilson takes time out to chat to War History Online about the background and progress of this all British movie:
Find out more about Pegasus Bridge The Bolt Action Set
With the upcoming release of Bolt Action 2nd Ed it’s a great time to revisit our friends over at Beast Of War as they look at tactical choices with Warlorder Ches:
Take a look at which local stockists will be running Bolt Action 2nd Edition activities on release day, the Saturday 17th September:
Find your nearest Friendly Local Gaming Store
The official Facebook group has become a hive of activity – walkers, supernatural horrors and Weird War armour abound including the work of Łukasz Perzanowski - this fantastic M8 Grizzly:
Get your Grizzly mojo on here in Store
We're a few weeks away from the separate release of the Konflikt '47 Heavy US Infantry (Out in stores Saturday 24 September) and the community's abuzz! Check out this review of the new set here:
Find out more about the Konflikt '47 Sets in Store
Alessio perches eagle eyed over the mortal opponents John & Justin as the Beasts of War crew fight it out in this epic Teminator battle report:
Check out the super Terminator Deals in Store
Andrew William Tinney takes us ‘In To Darkness’ following Kale and her AI Squad's fight for survival in to the very depths of Ylarys!
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