Wednesday, 14 September 2016

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Warlord Games usual mid-week article, feature and release round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news.
*** News Flash *** Important Update ***
Bolt Action 2nd Edition Pre-Orders (up to 5th September) have left the building. We are now taking Rulebook pre-orders for Wave 2.
Bolt Action 2nd Edition - The tweaks part 2: HE:
Rules author Alessio Cavatore introduces us to the new High Explosives rules and Jon Russell, of the Warlord US Demo Team, explores their finer details.
Head to Head:
The British Humber Mk II Vs the German Sd.kfz 222 Armoured Cars.
The Antares Initiative: Initial Photos are in!
Antares Fiction:
In To Darkness, The Belly of the Beast - by Andrew William Tinney.
The War Gamer video:
Konflikt 47: Painting your M8 Grizzly Medium Walker.
Bolt Action Weekend Events
Bolt Action 2 release weekend in store events:
Check out the list and find a store near you running a Bolt Action 2nd Edition event this weekend...
Upcoming Events: "A 'Cam' Bridge Too Far" returns!.
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