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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Hasslefree Miniatures Kev White is entering the world of Kickstarters...

It's Kickstarter Time!
By the time you read this we will have launched!

Information for the Kickstarter will be below, for those of you who have zero interest in 'Fantasy Female Miniatures' then below that will be some regular HF news :)

Right, let's get on with it!
Kev White does Matt Dixon
You can find all of the info on the Kickstarter page too, but the basic gist of it is this...

We have worked with the rather excellent Pin-Up artist Matt Dixon to bring a number of his existing creations to the miniature world, plus a few commissions especially for us!

Each character will be sculpted in 3 variants -
  • Pin-Up - Based directly on Matt's artwork.
  • Skyclad - Naked as the day they were born, usually with a weapon.
    (As an aside, all Skyclad art is me drawing over the top of Matt's original Pin-Up, it is 'not' by Matt. I should make that very clear as he actualy draws for a living :D Also there are no uncensored artworks, stop asking!)
  • Winter - Dressed for colder climes, usually involving some kind of fur or fur trim.
We are starting the Kickstarter with 4 Characters, and once initial funding is met (Hopefully!), we will move on to trying to unlock other Characters, each with their own 3 variants, and some extra additions :)
Erryn A'Dell, Bard
Erryn is the first of our four initial characters.

Her Pin up version is a summer-dressed Bard, with a short sword, lute on her back and her bard's staff (used to augment her spellsinging).

Her Skyclad version has just the staff and her WInter version is more heavily dressed including a large fur cloak.

Larger artwork on Facebook HERE.
Erryn Sculpted!
As a sort of 'proof of concept' Kev has already sculpted the initial figure. As you can see, each figure is uniquely sculpted, the Skyclad one isn't just dressed to make the other 2 :)

There will be slight differences in stance, hair etc. Up close you can tell smaller differences like that each of them is holding the staff rotated to a different angle so the facets point in different directions.

Other chatacters may have more pronouned differences, backers wil be kept informed of any changes via backer updates :)
Niska, Archer
Niska is the second of our four intial characters.

Her Pin-Up version comes with her trusty shortbow, a full complement of arrows and a hunting knife on her leg.

Her Skyclad version comes with just her bow and arrows (tied around her waist with a sash) while her Winter variant is dressed in a warm fur coat (It's likely the cleavage will just be a dimple in a shirt when she is actually made :) )
Larger artwork on Facebook HERE.
Dawn, Stone Age Warrior
Dawn is the third of our initial characters, and it's 'just' Dawn that's being funded, not her trusty companion, though 'Tryke', will hopefully make an appearance later :)

All 3 versions of Dawn will come with her handy thigh bone hair bobble and rather large club.

The Pin-Up sculpt is dressed in a hide bikini, the Skyclad variant is... not, and the Winter variant has skinned a lot more animals :)

All variants will have one leg up and will come with a sculpted rock base to be leaning on. Obviously if Tryke makes an appearance you can simply not use the rock :D
Larger artwork on Facebook HERE.
Aneria, Arctic Princess
Aneira is the last of our initial band of .. sisters, not sure that works.

All 3 versions will have her trusty battle axe, the Skyclad version will have 'only' her trusty battleaxe.

The Pin-up and Winter versions come with a hooded fur cape, the Pin Up variant having a bikini, boots and knife while the Winter variant (sketched by me, not Matt, don't laugh! :) ) will be in full leather amour.
Larger artwork on Facebook HERE.
Other Important Kickstarter Details
The campaign ends on October the 2nd at 8pm UK time.

For those of you who haven't backed a Kickstarter before, payment is taken at the end of the campaign automatically. It is not taken when you pledge.

You can happily contact us on our FB page with more questions or use the comments section ont he Kickstarter itself as we will be monitoring daily :)

We've given ourselves a healthy fulfilment date, in case we unlock a number of stretch goals. Obviously if we don't then fulfilment will be considerably shorter :)

Do 'NOT' add Shipping to the pledge, we'll sort that when everything is ready to ship.

Right, normal HF business now...
Regular Hasslefree News!
We 'will' be running business as usual during the Kickstarter and during fulfillment. There will be regular releases so you guys who prefer Moderns and Sci-Fi will be amply catered for :)

All the 'Pre Order' codes on the site came in at the end of this week, so we'll be updating their listings as soon as we can and anyone waiting for an order containing a Pre Order should receive their despatch notification in the next day or two.

And there is no 'And Finally' this time. I've been Kickstarter, Kickstarter, Kickstarter for days now so we shall be back to normal tomorrow (except with one extra job :) )

'til next time,


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