Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Mantic Games are releasing something new via Kickstarter...for a change...

...for those of you who enjoy dungeon crawler games but are upset by their lack of ray guns...

Star Saga coming to Kickstarter on September 26th
Blaine has been teasing it for a while but we can finally announce that Star Saga, the new sci-fi dungeon crawler from Mantic Games, will be heading to Kickstarter on September 26th at 8.30am (EST).

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will see players guide a team of space mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen data plans from a research facility orbiting a far-off alien world. Players will take on platoons of minions, powerful alien bosses and be forced to make difficult choices as the story takes unexpected twists and turns.

The spiritual sequel to Dungeon Saga, Star Saga introduces newly improved and stronger rulesets, 'learn as you go' rules for new players and, more detailed, advanced mechanics for seasoned gamers.

To keep up to date with the latest Star Saga news, including character previews, concept art and more, sign up for the dedicated Star Saga newsletter and check the Mantic Blog all next week for more details about the rules.
We've just unveiled a host of new Kings of War releases that are available to pre-order now and you can read about them in more detail over on the Mantic Blog. First up though, we've got the Earth Elementals, who will add some punch to your Forces of Nature or Dwarf armies. Dwarfs also have a special hero who can control these powerful creatures: the Stone Priest.

Meanwhile the Abyss has opened up and revealed the ethereal Tortured Souls, beings who have been stripped of their soul and form by the Abyssals. You can also add to your Abyssal forces with the horrific Hellhounds.

We've also got new cavalry units, including the Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orc Gore Riders and the majestic Wyrms, ridden by elite Naiad forces. Finally, there's the Elf War Chariot, which is normally used for races but can smash through the enemy's front line in battle. All these new releases are up for pre-order now and will start shipping next month.
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