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New World Order
November is The Walking Dead: All Out War month here at Mantic HQ, as Kickstarter backers have started receiving their pledges and we’re busy preparing for our biggest retail launch ever. The reports so far from backers have been hugely positive and we can’t wait for more players to take on the Walkers when All Out War hits retail.
The Walking Dead: All Out War was a significant change for Mantic. Unlike our previous Kickstarter campaigns it came pre-assembled from the factory, ready to immediately dispatch.
As well as all the Wave One Kickstarter Editions we needed for backers, we also ordered some extras that we could use for damages, and we had to print to round numbers by our printer too. This means we have a very limited number spare to purchase, which is a great opportunity for any one who missed out on the Kickstarter to pick up the exclusives and get a great bundle featuring 46 miniatures, 3D terrain and the Days Gone Bye expansion. You can order yours here.
In preparation for the launch, we’ve also created a number of new Walking Dead bundles, which you can pre-order now:
Give the Kickstarter Edition a Boost – including the Morgan booster, the Rick on a Horse booster and Prelude to Woodbury
Give Me EVERYTHING Bundle – including the Kickstarter Edition, deluxe gaming mat, Rick on a Horse booster, Morgan booster and Prelude to Woodbury
We recently held our fifth Clash of Kings tournament, which was won by Tom Robinson and his Elves. We had 74 players and even live streamed the top table games throughout the weekend but for 2017 we want to go even BIGGER!
So, we’re delighted to announce that Clash of Kings 2017 will take place on October 28th/29th at the top class Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This great venue will have space for up to 120 players, a licensed bar (should you wish to drown your sorrows after a tabling) and hot food throughout. Tickets are available NOW and we’ve already sold several tickets to players from outside the UK.
Oh, and just in case you fancy bringing a new army to Clash of Kings 2017, during the Open Day this month we’ll have an army service. You can bring in your 2,000 point list (featuring Mantic-only products) and we’ll put together that army for you on the day and give you a great price.
Talking of the Open Day, there’s still time to get your tickets for the Mantic Open Day on 26th November. The event is always a fantastic opportunity for Mantic fans to meet staff members, grill Ronnie about upcoming projects and, of course, play some great games.
Open Day highlights include:
  • The launch of our new painting competition Brush With Death
  • Demos of The Walking Dead: All Out War
  • Meet Mark Latham – the man behind the All Out War rules
  • Kings of War seminars with Nick Williams from the Rules Committee
  • Huge 16-foot Kings of War display game
  • Four-player Deadzone scenario: bring your own 100 point Strike Team or use one of ours
Tickets are selling fast, so grab a single ticket or group ticket for four people today.
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