Thursday, 10 November 2016

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Spartan Games December releases...

Check out our exciting December Release!
For Dystopian Wars, we bring you our first four brand new highly-detailed modular Battleships. Each pack can build two versions of a Battleship, allowing players to choose which variant best suits their fleet or game style.

And for Halo: Ground Command we have introduced new Unit packs which make it easy for players to expand their ground forces. And in addition to making it easier to buy existing infantry, we are bringing you three brand new Units: UNSC Recon Team, Covenant Jackal 'Snipers' and Jackal Assault. 
New Dystopian Wars Battleships

Flexible and adaptable to give you options in game play.  Each pack contains one Battleship hull and all the parts you need to make TWO different variants.

Prussian Empire Eider Class Battleship
Empire of the Blazing Sun Yokai Class Battleship
Kingdom of Britannia Magnate Class Battleship
Federated States of America Mississippi Class Battleship
Eight infantry packs for Halo: Ground Command 
You can never have enough infantry in a game, and these Unit packs are designed to allow players to easily expand their forces. We have also introduced some new Officer sculpts for leading your forces, and we are hugely excited to bring you UNSC Recon Troops and Covenant Jackals!

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