Friday, 4 November 2016

Wizkids Update

The latest Dice Masters, Heroclix and Star Trek: Attack Wing news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,

CURRENT EVENT! DC Comics HeroClix: The Joker's Wild! Pre-Release

Visit your friendly local game store for DC Comics HeroClix: The Joker's Wild! Pre-Release Events! Get a sneak peek at the figures from DC Comics HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild! set before official world-wide release!

The DC Comics HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild!  set features a “Who’s Who” list of Gotham City’s Most Wanted list as well as sub-themes of the Outsiders, the Suicide Squad and classic and contemporary members of the Justice Society of America!

Visit the WizKids Info Network to find events near you today!
REGISTER TODAY! Fall WizKids Open 2016

Events Begin This Weekend, November 5th! 
Prepare to do fearsome battle in the Regional Championships for HeroClix and Dice Masters as well as many other amazing side events!  Play amazing games, win convention exclusive prizes, and support local game stores at some of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year!
There is still time to sign up for these fantastic regional events in your area!

The Fall 2016 WizKids Open events will take place world-wide! For complete location listings, visit:
COMING SOON! Blank White Dice
Releasing next week, Blank White Dice, designed by Jonathan Leistiko, is a thrilling new take on dice games! 
Roll the game dice to activate the icons on the dice, and gain enough points to win the game!
But that’s not all, if a player rolls a blank face, they’ll need to get creative and show their artistic skills by drawing their own icons on the faces of their dice! Some icons will give players points, others may cause opponents to lose points, force competitors to re-roll and much more! The first player to reach 13 points at the end of a round wins the game.

Pre-order Blank White Dice from your FLGS today!

For more information, visit: 
COMING SOON! WizKids Premium Maps
WizKids is excited to release new Premium Maps for use with RPGs and HeroClix in FLGS next week!

Made from flexible and durable neoprene, these Premium Maps measure 3’ x 2’ and offer a flat, no-fold surface with a non-slip backing.

Players can bring their next RPG adventure to the Tavern or Throne with this exciting new release. HeroClix fans can set their battle on a Cargo Ship or in a Warehouse. The new Premium Maps will set the perfect mood and are sure to improve any gaming experience.

Visit your FLGS to get the new WizKids Premium Maps, releasing next week!
NEW OP! Register For November & December OP Events!

Fall organized play events are here! Visit your friendly local game store this November for new HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing Organized Play events.
Register today on the WizKids Info Network

Marvel Dice Masters: Classic Avengers OP

The Avengers are back and ready to assemble in the Marvel Dice Masters: Classic Avengers Organized Play. Join Iron Man, Ant-Man and Captain America on the tabletop and get ready to save the world.

Find  Marvel Dice Masters: Classic Avengers OP events on the WIN today!

WizKids HeroClix: Toy Soldiers Holiday OP

This winter, stay warm at your friendly local game store with a special holiday-themed HeroClix Organized Play event. Sip on some hot chocolate and reminisce your childhood festivities with the chance to win an all-new Toy Soldier figure.

Visit the WizKids Info Network to find WizKids HeroClix: Toy Soldiers Holiday OP events near you today!
Star Trek: Attack Wing – The Klingon Civil War

The Klingon Civil War has come to Star Trek: Attack Wing! Support either House of Gowron or House of Duras in their attempts to name the next chancellor of the Klingon High Council in this three-month Storyline Organized Play (OP) program!
-The WizKids Team
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