Friday, 25 November 2016

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Some Black Friday scenery deals from Sarissa Precision...

Black Friday is here.......

So guys, Black Friday arrives tomorrow but newsletter subscribers can find out whats new and whats happening right now.

Team Sarissa has been working on literally hundreds of products in addition to the ones' we've released this year and 2017 promises to see you guys spoiled for choice. We're really quite excited about what we're going to bring to you over the coming months to the point of it being a real struggle not to put pictures up and brag about it every chance we get.

To celebrate 2016 we have an across the board 10% discount on all our ranges and this includes the new releases below. There really there are no excuses for not taking advantage.
Use discount code - SP2016BF

Valid from 16.00 (GMT) 24th November 2016 to 23:59 (GMT) 29th November 2016
System ∞ Sci-Fi - brand new additions, we have a discounted bundle deal of 5 ruined pods. These are 5 new designs, one of which splits into 2 sections to form 1 large or 2 medium areas.

Plus you can add in your Black Friday discount code as well.
Brand new is the CSS Merrimack, we released the Monitor last month and of course it needs this to fight with but also just a cool model in it's own right for ACW or Steampunk Gaming.
and there's more.........

We're working with Warlord Games on some awesome additions to their Gates of Antares range of terrain. The first of these ranges will be available in the new year but there will be more details to follow in a few weeks time. We are really excited about these, they are simply awesome and more news on that when we can.


Our ranges are lacking something and it's been pointed out on a number of occasions. January will bring the first releases for us on the website of 20mm/ 1/72 scale kits. Most of the work is done and these will begin to be released over the coming months. We'll have full details of what next month but it promises to be a big deal.
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