Monday, 21 November 2016

Sin Synn Guest Post

Those of you with long memories may recall that I used to write articles for a blog network called the House of Paincakes. One of my fellow writers on that network was a strange creature known as SinSynn who has decided to return to the world of blogging that quite frankly has been lessened by his absence...well...there's less tentacles at least...

Having no desire to manage a blog of his own will be utilising mine so here's his triumphant return in article form....


Hey, folks. SinSynn here.

Our 'hobby' - this strange, amorphous, all-encompassing thing we do...'Tis an odd beastie, it 'tis.
The hobby isn't just some random thing we do when we're not working or touching ourselves in an impure manner. It's a lifestyle. It's a whole crazy thing.

*Air quotes always help*

When I say 'the hobby,' I mean like, all of it.
From cosplay to waifus. From hotels packed with feverish gamers getting their Con on (and all the fiendish debauchery that accompanies it) to the 10 year old kid who crushes you at Call of Duty. We're all vaguely connected, thanks to the hobby. The CoD 'MLG Pro' kid might brush elbows with the Cosplay expert on some random website somewhere, click a random linky and be exposed to some new element of the hobby and have their lives changed forever.
The hobby does that to peoples. We tend to dive willingly down rabbit holes.

There aren't a lot of things in this world that'll make me go all Homer Simpson drooly and say stuffs like, 'This is the greatest thing ever in dis world,' but I'll be darned if the hobby hasn't provided me with oh-so-many of those moments.
For every 'ohmygawd' moment, there's a few hours of equally important yet completely different moments spent in quiet contemplation...maybe assembling and painting figs for whatever minigame I'm wrapped up in at the moment. Maybe there's a podcast goin' in the earbuds, maybe I'm listening to Satan music, I dunno.
Regardless, those moments spent in serene, blissful, uncomplicated quiet time are ever so satisfying. There's something strangely therapeutic about sitting down at one's 'Hobby Area,' whether one is limited to a tray that hasta be stored on a top shelf somewhere cuz lil' kids run rampant or one has achieved the Ultimate Dream - a 'den' is what they're often called, but some folks might try to disguise their true purpose by calling them an 'office' or somesuch.
You can't get away with calling it a guest bedroom unless you can somehow convince visitors to sleep on a game table. They can use a large hill terrain piece as a pillow, amirite?
Seems totes legit.

*Hey, man. Can I get a gaming mat as a blanket, maybe?'
Pfft. Crybaby*

'Well gosh, SinSynn,' you might be thinking, 'the title mentions quitting. Why for would you wanna quit this magical thingy?'
I don't think its entirely possible to like, completely separate from the hobby. Besides the friends who will undoubtedly attempt to hoodwink or bamboozle you into returning, often by their mere existence (curse their eyes), the temptations are legion.
Worse still,you will suddenly find yourself with entirely too much time on your tentacles. Despite the fact that if you're anything like me, you: A) Have very impressive tentacles (Terran females, you maybe wanna jot that down. Just sayin.'), and: B) Managed to complain about the lack of quality gaming time you were allotted constantly, cuz stoopid responsibilities an' whatnot.
When you're no longer spending time at your Hobby Area, you'll be surprised at the amount of hours you actually managed to sequester yourself there. Safe and comfy and cozy and away from the awful, terrible world and its...responsibilities...and whatnots...

*I haz no idea how you Terrans deal with only having two of those awkward 'Hands' thingies*

Oh, sorry...what was I talkin' 'bout?
Tentacles. Right.
No, wait.
Too much free time. Got it.
This very concept is inconceivable to many people; working Terran parents with a clutch of larvae, by way of a for instance. Any spare time you manage to stumble across will likely be immediately filled with both responsibilities and whatnots.
If you ever do quit minigaming, or videogaming, or cosplay, or Dungeons and Dragons, or whatever particular, peculiar branch of the hobby you're into, ideally you'd like to take that precious free time and apply it to...something else, amirite?
For me, this just resulted in a return to videogaming in force, both on PC where World of Tanks was my preferred poison, and the consoles, where I was grabbed by the boo-boo and pulled headlong into the expertly crafted Gothic Horror/Action of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series by From Software.
It's hard to classify that kinda thing as 'quitting the hobby,' I suppose. More like sidestepping.

Fer sure I was swearing up 'n' down that I wasn't gonna touch a mini ever again for like, a hot minute.
Ya gotta realize that for someone coming from a videogame background, the way minigame companies handle their franchises seems absolutely retarded and bordered on traumatizing.
Watching what Games Workshop did to 40k was practically physically painful to watch. Same with Battlefront's Flames of War (late war).
Battlefront decided that they needed to start selling moar Americans. Nobody played Americans. Since Battlefront has a fully-supported tournament circuit, and is very much a 'what's the latest OP List' type of game because of this, how do you think Battlefront went about selling moar Americans?
If you guessed 'introduce a ridiculously powerful unit, and then let folks build entire Armies around that unit,' then kudos to you, friend.
You've likely seen this pay to win kinda tactic employed by game companies of all stripes before, if you've spent any length of time in this hobby, sadly. When I saw the same Army List take like, 7 of the top 10 spots at the FoW Late War Nationals, I was content to toss my FoW armies in the closet.

*The American Tank Destroyer Platoon. They'll have 4 tanks, and the lil' scout vehicles will get pulled off the board and replaced with the TD's, who have a lovely 8 inches to deploy within. Then they get to shoot normally. They immediately wipe out an enemy tank platoon upon arrival. Gawd I hate them SO MUCH!*

Then two things happened around the same time - Infinity Version 3 released, and nerfed my Shas'vastii All-Camo Army so badly that the List was not just bad, but was now incredibly frustrating to run thanks to the ridiculous amount of Face to Face rolls you'd end up having to contend with.
T'was a sad day at The Project Xeno Death Camps that day, I gotta tell ya.
I was mad salty 'bout it, of course, and there might've been some butthurt sh*tposting.
Don't you judge me!
I was vexed, I tells ya.
Ah, waddayagonnado?
That's the minigaming gig in a nutshell - Each game has it's top tier armies, and then there's everybody else, and when sales start dipping it's time for a shakeup. That shakeup might mean your army army disappears from the game altogether, fer cryin' out loud.
If yer lucky you get da Nerfbat.
Blah, I say.

The second thing that happened was that my current Good Time Gaming Buddy Nascar (I live in the Bronx, NYC. Nobody uses their real name here. We all have dumb nicknames *shrug*) got hisself a fancy new girlfriend, and he disappeared as guys with fancy new girlfriends sometimes do. You can't get mad about this kinda thing; iz just life,
However, Like I said, I live in the Bronx, NYC. No one 'hobbies' here. you're better off trying to find likely candidates and corrupt them, if you want gaming partners, actually.

So that was it for me, at that moment in time. Clearly, the Dice Gods were angry with me, and I was being driven from Eden.
So, then...what made me come back?
Well, the aforementioned railroading, hoodwinking, bamboozling friends, for one. The Ultimate Rival introduced me to Battlefront's new-ish Team Tankee game, which features Cold War Era vehicles, including American Abrahms tanks...and those are awesome.
My initial misgivings about the game all proved true - the 15mm models are waaaaay to big for the 6x4 foot table. These more modern vehicles have fire ranges that are just insane. Why Battlefront didn't go with 10mm scale for this game is baffling. That would've allowed for more models, more potential for maneuver and all the good stuffs that comes with it.
As it stands now - the forces just line up and it basically comes down to a dice RNG game. The person with the better dice will always win. Tactics will rarely play a part in it since tanks can blast each other straight away from turn one.
Games never make it past turn 4, and a game that goes all the way to turn 6 is considered a 'Unicorn,' but whatevs. The models look cool and it's an excuse to hang out with a friend..all the while avoiding both responsibilities and whatnots.

*Believe me when I tell you that these things are bigger than three Stugs from Late War FoW, but since it's that much larger, it'll actually be visible from more than two feet way so it'll be worth putting a cool paintjob on*

So I'm gonna build a lil' Team Yankee Army to play with the Ultimate Rival. The good news is that I can do something wacky with the paint jobs fer my 'Mericans, since I have little interest in 'historically accurate' paintjobs when these tanks are just crying out for a more Xeno - Styled paint job than yer conventional 'olive drab' with some wash on'em, I dunno...but I'll prolly...Nope, check that.
Imma definitely gonna do something off-the-wall, I think.
Zebra Tiger Stripes a lil' too much maybe?

On the flip side, Nascar and the fancy girl are history, so he's available for gaming again, I believe.
Not sure what game we'll be playing. We were dabbling in a few,..

And then, my most horribly masochistic minigaming weakness of all is raising it's ugly head again in the form of the desire, nay- desperate need to build at least one 40k Dream Army before I die.
Grrrr...Imma do this, so help me.

I need to say this:
Those Horus Heresy 40k Black Library books, man...They're really to blame for my whole inability to get out from under all this madness. I'll admit something, and I swear I better not receive any judgement for it: The 40k Universe is my favorite sci-fi or fantasy Universe ever. I've read dozens and dozens of those books, man. I know so much about that universe, man, so it wasn't like I was gonna stop reading 40k books now, was it?
Sure, maybe subliminally setting myself up for failure, but whatevs. sad as it may be to admit, I am never not reading a 40k book nowadays.

*Do want. That I can spell Aaron Dembski-Bowden without having to check the spelling should tell you that  I'm a lil' bit of a gushing fanboi...YOU DON'T JUDGE ME!*

So you see, it's gonna be pretty hard for the average hobbyist to escape.
I broke down, and here I am. I iz weak. I haz shame.
But not too much. I missed this. I really, honestly, truly did.
Gettin' ready to dig up those dusty boxes filled with paints and half assembled models, figure out where I'm at, what my priorities are, where I wanna jump back in, etc.
So, I'll be back to droolin' over some new kit coming out, or the latest Dark Souls cosplay. I'll be spending the odd, quiet evening alternating between cursing and cheering my own minor successes when I'm assembling figs.

*An example of Dark Souls cosplay. This is Knight Artorius, the Abyss Walker...his story doesn't end well, but hey - that's Dark Souls for ya*

Maybe I'll have a podcast goin' in the earbuds, maybe there's Satan music, I dunno.
But I'm pretty sure I'll be grinning an overly toothy Xenos grin as I plot on a ridiculous paintjob for those big-ass Abrams tanks.

Hope to see you in the next one, folks. This should be quite the comedy of errors, as I learn to do everything all over again,and I'm a clumsy oaf at the best of times.
Feel free to share your own 'quitting' stories below.
I'd never judge you.

Until next time, folks...
I, uh...gotta come up with a new catchprase.
Suggestions welcome, cuz why not?

- SinSynn


  1. So, you're playing games you know are bad for the sake of people you know are OK. I wonder when one of your long-term readers will be along to take you to task for this?

    "SinSynn you flaming great hypocrite, you call Battlefront out on their shenanigans left right and centre and yet HERE YOU ARE indulging more of their terribleness, shame on your sir, shame on you AND your tentacles." Stuff like that.

    (I'm not going to be that guy. Goodness knows I've played enough shitty games for the sake of good people over the years. You have the fun you can have, at the end of the day...)

    Anyway, enjoy yourself. You and your Satan Music (TM) (I like that, that might suppress Radical Noise Moosik as the go-to terminology.)

    Personally, I've retreated to the stash from, for the time being - until the new Nurgle lads come out for Blood Bowl, anyway...

    1. Hey, man. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get your game on.
      The hobby keeps me sane.
      I've tried life without it, and I can tell you a few weeks in it starts to get bad.
      My temper grows shorter, and I'm always just a step away from being angry about nuthin' on good days, bro. On bad days...eesh.
      It's very clear I need so thing that isn't drugs to do with myself and the limited free time I have.
      I really should've chosen a better hooman to impersonate here on Terra.
      If I had known about this stoopid thing you creatures call 'money' I would've planned my invasion much, much differently.
      I had to give up on World of Tanks. After you've unlocked everything you want, and played a thousand rounds of death match on the same maps...
      I believe you WoW players call this 'a lack of end game content.'
      World of Tanks really suffers from that. Badly.
      So when it came time for me to find something to do with myself, I was kinda assed out.
      I didn't even own a console at the time, and as someone who, uh...really doesn't like Steam (I know how dangerous it is to say that kinda stuff out loud. Steam has entirely too many fanatical adherents who react violently if 'Lord Gabe' is not honored correctly), I was sorta casting about for wut 2 do...
      ...that's when I found the Souls games, and OH MY GAWD I was saved.
      Yes, I played the Witcher, and it was great. I played all 3, actually.
      Really good games, but they can't compare to the Souls games or Bloodborne if you happen to like things...dark and gothic, and I do.
      They're also great if you loathe exposition dumps, and I do..
      Anyway, they'll get their own post soon...

      But hey man, if you feel that I need to be called out for something, than feel free.
      Yes, Battlefront will happily toss game balance out the friggin' window if it means selling more tanky tanks. I've seen them do it several times. Not just once.
      I will gibe them credit for making their customers do a merry dance in a effort to keep winning.
      I'd very much recommend that anyone looking to play a Battlefront game buys 2 armies - one of each from the top 2 in-game armies.
      Since BF can and will release new army lists every few weeks via the internet, and every few months via physical release, if you've only got one army you can get stuck waiting for 'your turn' to receive that OP new list, and it's not a lotta fun.

      I'm pretty sure our hobby is supposed to be FUN, above and beyond any other considerations.
      So help me, this time around imma be all about fun. If it ain't fun, then I'm out, and I'll be complaining all the way to the parking lot...or padded cell, whichever comes first.

      It is my opinion that Team Yankee is awful. The models are too big for the scale of game they're trying to represent, and that in itself is such a huge problem (there's a pun there somewhere...but I'm a lil' beat up from working on a Monday...which should be classed as some kinda inhumane torture, but whatevs...) that the rest of my complaints are pointless.
      Modern tanks do battle at ranges that could've been more accurately represented if they had just made the models smaller.
      The models are so big that you can easily shoot a model on another table using the official measurements.
      It's so bad, dude. Just so bad.
      Sigh and :(
      I wanted to like it. I played a bunch of games, but the cons outweighed the pros by so much...
      But hey, building and painting some 'merican tanks will be good practice. I'm sure I'm way outta shape when it comes to da brush skillz, and I don't particularly care if they look 'official,' so there ya go.

      Always good to see you, brother.

  2. ...and from the corner!

    Whatnots gotta hold of me... be back later!

    1. I'm fixing up yer corner...
      There's body parts, chains, rusty hooks, and all kinda of unidentifiable fluids 'round here...
      Still, I'm not confined to a pen any more, and there won't be an overseer with a red 'delete' pen waiting to review my stuffs, so that's wassup.
      I'm pretty sure I just threw out a hooman hand...
      Definitely an improvement.
      Hoomans have too many hands anyhow.
      There's a basement a basement...
      Don't think I wanna know, actually...

    2. I didn't realise I was meant to check your stuff before posting it ;-) I don't even own a red pen.....

    3. Well you could maybe do sumpthin' 'bout the body parts?

  3. As far as Team Yankee goes I think you’re correct about scale. A company versus company encounter in a bath tub is going to be short, bloody, and probably come down to who started shooting first. But that’s why no sane person would try to get into a knife fight with another conventional occidental force. Also, for NATO vs. Warsaw Pact battles you’d need to play at either the squad level where small spaces make sense and little tactical moves would matter. Or all the way to at corp or army where you come see gaps between divisions, supply lines, etc. World War 1 has similar problems. Company and battalion level just isn’t were the action is/was/would be.

    The solution to power creep is not to play rules written with the goal of selling you models. Of course, all the really sexy models are tied to IP-based rules. Also, miniature-neutral rules are static, so for variety you need multiple sets, periods, and armies. From an economic standpoint I doubt ‘buy five armies and ten sets of rules’ is any better than ‘buy two armies and keep them updated.’ However, I find the ‘keep up’ aspect exhausting.

    1. Heya Cedric!
      Oh gawd, dude...Team Yankee had such potential. How long have folks been nagging at BF to make this game?
      Like forever.
      And wadda they do?
      They screw it up, cuz they're afraid people will buy models from someone that isn't them.
      6mm would've been perfect, but I would've settled for 10mm.
      I mean, honestly, even at 6mm, the range at which modern tanks really do battle won't be accurately represented, but at least some more maneuvering can take place.
      Games of Team Yankee are exactly as you describe - a bunch of big guns going off in a tiny lil' fishbowl.
      It's stoopid.
      I haz sad, cuz even the book is a classic, along side Sword Point, Red Storm Rising and a few others that showcase that time period.
      The Ultimate Rival and I tried to convince people to give Team Yankee a shot with 6mm models, but BF customers have that weird 'I only play with official models' attitude goin' on a lotta times.

      I honestly wouldn't recommend BF games to anyone, knowing at this point how they do.
      *shrug *
      I don't find their games to be balanced...'Cept maybe mid and early war, but as I have no interest in those...meh, I guess?
      Maybe play those, if you want balance, and hey - if you just wanna push tanky-tanks around and make boom-boom noises and don't particularly care about finely tuned game balance (cuz lists within each book are mostly balanced against one another. Mostly), then BF games can be fun.
      I'm not gonna flat out lue, and say they're awful - the models are overpriced and the tournament scene bleeds into the regulargest community. There's really no such thing as 'friendly' lists, and some lists are just ridiculously OP.
      ...but you know alla this already. Heh. I'm preaching to the choir.

      I guess what reallY vexed me is the lost potential.
      Here we have another really great idea - modern tanky-tank combat...wif apache and hind helicopters (well, theY weren't there yet, cuz BF likes to drip feed cool units in separate books, cuz monies) and they screwed it up.

      Good to see you, brother. Hope all is well.
      Don't mind the mess...or smell. The SinSynn room is still a work in progress, and some of the stains are really tenacious.
      And maybe don't look to closely at anything you brush yer foot against...
      Just saying. GMort has been very generous and accommidating, but I've had to agree to, well...Turning a blind stalk-mounted ocular appendage or three to his..stranger hobbies.

      It's all good.
      Xeno out to disintegrate all da hoomans, hellborne's all good.
      Diversity, y'know.

    2. Well, I think we can agree that BF as a general matter is a monument to lost opportunities. Team Yankee could work in 15mm I suppose. But, it couldn’t be at 1:1 scale. If one infantry stand stood for a whole platoon, a tank several AFVs, and a 6’ x 4’ table miles of front line the game might work. However, to my knowledge, no ‘mainstream’ game has ever managed to escape the one figure = one man trap.
      I rather like Early War (though FoW is not my favorite WW2 system). Of course, no one plays it, and those people who do aren’t playing FoW. Catch 22 right there.
      Good to see you back. This exchange has given me an idea for an article. So, I’ve off to blog while pretending to work.

    3. Yes!
      They could've done a whole '3 lil' tanks on a 15mm base' thing, or '1 tank represents' thing, or anything else.
      Like really...anything else, and it would've been better.
      I'm convinced 6mm would've been bestest, or even 10mm...
      Jeez, anything.
      That we finally got dat WWIII, cold war typa game we always wanted and ended up with...this?
      I am disappoint.
      Deep disappoint.

      I know early and mid war are both supposed to be moar balanced, but...can I say meh?
      I know it's lame, but I want the cool toys, man.
      I want Jagdpanzers, at least.
      I still haz luv fer da Jagz.

      I've played lots of chit based war games where one marker represents a unit, but...
      ...damn, can't someone put 3 cute lil' Abrahms on a base and start writing some rules that would at least FEEL like it represented modern tank combat?
      Some night fight rules, some 'tank variant' rules to reflect all the different makes and models?
      I can see this being cool, man...
      But no.
      Hate to say, but I think they screwed the pooch in favor of...aesthetics over gameplay?

      Glad I could plant a seed.
      That's why I'm here!
      Send linky if you write post!

      Oh...I hear tales of all my old posts being gone from my former pen.
      I'll still go to read stuffs from my peeps if I get linkies though.
      Obviously I can't really go there randomly...for reasons.
      It...hurts a lil,' still.

      There's a song I love with a chorus that goes:
      'Hard to swallow, all these years. They meant nothing?
      All the scars you gave to me.
      They meant nothing?'

      That's kinda where I'm at with that.

  4. And the Xenos doth returneth. How've you been, sinsynn? Glad to see you get back into the madness. If you and Nascar are a dabbling , GMort does a shittonne of articles for a game called Malifaux ;)

    I haven't quit the hobby but I have quit on trying to get games in with certain systems, infinity being one. Malifaux is the fix now with insidious tendrils of chaos heading towards SAGA

    1. Hello anonymous internet person!
      Yes...the xenos returneth!
      I like that.
      I'm wrapping up my second post this weekend...but I'm having laptop issues again so I'm going to try this 'replying thing' using a phone I've never tried it on...
      Let's see if it works! Yay fun.

      Is Saga still gaining steam?
      Is Infinity losing steam (I didn't like 3rd edition, obviously)?
      I hope Wyrd is doing well with Malifaux, cuz I like them as a company. much catching up to do!

      For the record--insidious tendrils of chaos are awesome.

  5. SinSynn,

    Excellent to see you here and posting. Bad games played for nostalgia and friends are much like bad TV shows you kind of want to finish, even though they suck now.

    At least GW is bringing back Blood Bowl. That game, too, has its flaws, but it's fun, and the buy-in is relatively low. Doubt I can stay out.

      Sure my laptop is being stoopid again but YAY PHONE!

      Heya Thuloid it's great to see you!!!

      Y'know, man...I kinda see something maybe good on the GW horizon...maybe possibly.
      I don't wanna get my hopes up cuz fer realz I've lost all faith in GW long ago, but still...

      Rumors say Matt Ward is back.
      They gave the fans Mechanicus and now Traitor Legions.
      The return of Blood Bowl.
      They reigned in the GW videogame license, and actual GOOD games are coming out now.

      These are...good signs?
      Like I said, I hate to give in and start getting, like, actually psyched for something that GW might release a new, good edition of 40k...
      But I dunno, man...there's signs and portents in the wind...

      Can we hope, maybe?

  6. Hey man, good to see you writing again. It kind of feels like you're sleeping on GMort's couch, eating his snacks and stuff.

    Also, judging from the motley gang you've got in this comments section, it looks like the House was not a place in cyberspace, but a place in our hearts, all along. Awww.

    Er... anyway. Wow, you have a broad definition of hobby. I'd say a lot of the stuff you included is just culture, like, what pretty much everyone likes these days. We're nearly all geeks now I reckon.

    And as for quitting stories... I have dropped in and out of things many times over the years, and the only thing that's changed is how I feel about my quitting and how resolved I am. By which I mean, me ten years ago would agonize about how much time something was taking versus how much fun and personal growth I was actually getting out of it (because I always factor in personal growth. You gotta keep running forward, as Secretariat says). Then I'd quit and be like "never again, I don't do that anymore."

    Nowadays I'm like "eh, I feel like stopping for a bit. It'll be there when I feel like it again, or not. Whatevs."

    1. Pro Tips:
      - You DO NOT WANT to eat GMort's 'snacks.'
      - A board with hundreds of lengthy nails or a pile of thick, black plastic garbage bags with alternately squishy and pointy contents hardly count as 'couches.'

      But hey, I'm out of the pen and free, and I have him to thank for it, so I can certainly turn a few dozen stalk mounted ocular appendages away, so as not to observe any of his, uh...more unusual activities...
      From what I can work out, there are many, many levels in this basement...I hear things, sometimes...
      But hey - again, G is nothing but a stand up guy. All those rumors? Blah, I say!

      Brother, I have a LOT to say, and I'm gonna say it. I'm a lil' stuck doin' family stuffs cuz da holidays, and I haven't set up the new hobby area yet, and I'm on call and finding time to write is a lil' rough at the moment, but I'm back.

      And yes, the gang will all be here, I hope, and maybe we'll pull some new folks in as well.
      I doubt G will place the sort of restrictions I was facing at the old place, and for that I owe him one.
      I don't always wanna 'be nice.' There are times and places where that's not required, and my not being 'Joe Politically Correct' can either be accepted or rejected by THE READERS, cuz they're grown ups and can make their own decisions as to what kind of content they want to partake of.
      That's my feelings on that.
      And again, this is thanks to GMort. I'm honored to be a guest here. The man has been in the game for a long time, and is five times the knowledgeable blogger that I am...maybe fifty, I dunno. I could never run a blog. The time it takes alone would prevent me. I've jumped upwards a couple notches at my job, and it's taking a bit of a commitment from me, but I enjoy it, so it's worth the hassle.
      Free time is at a premium nowadays, however.
      That's life
      Life on the streets.
      Homocide: Life on the Streets.

      Live what you said about a place in our multi-valve fluid exchanging chambers.
      That's awesome.
      (Sorry I won't mention a certain place, or certain people, by name. It's dead to me, and I have no desire to...anything)

      Regarding 'geek culture,' well...
      I'll tell you what, brother - imma do a post about it.

      Sticky tentacle hugz, James.
      Mmmmm...that feels good.
      I fucking missed you guys.
      Fer real.
      My stalk mounted ocular eyelobes are leaking, dammit.
      Clearly they're defective.


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