Saturday, 12 November 2016

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Some 'The Walking Dead Miniatures Game' news from Mantic Games...amongst some other things...

Here at Mantic HQ, we’ve been playing The Walking Dead: All Out War for months. Whether it was play testing with the initial rules, showcasing the game during demos or playing with our own sets that we snapped up from the Kickstarter. However, no matter which version we’ve been playing, they’ve all shared some elements in common: plenty of action, dynamic moments of madness with Walkers ganging up on the Survivors, tactical decisions and, of course, lots of fun.
So, now that Kickstarter backers have started to receive their copies, we want to see your action-packed games too! Today, we’re launching a competition to show us your favourite play throughs of The Walking Dead: All Out War. We want to see those incredible moments when Rick manages to take down three Walkers at once, Carl survives a headshot thanks to his lucky hat or Sandra sneaks over a barricade to grab some equipment to win the game in the final turn.
We want you to film your games and then share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. On Friday, November 25th we’ll announce our favourite and the creator of the video will win: Morgan booster, Rick on a Horse booster and the Prelude to Woodbury expansion. What are you waiting for? Get filming! Oh, and don’t worry if you’re not a Kickstarter backer, we’ll hold a similar competition next month for those who buy the game at retail.

The Walking Dead at the Mantic Open Day

We’ll be going Walking Dead mad during the Mantic Open Day later this month. We’ll be holding special demos of the core game and there will even be some poor souls dressed as Walkers!
Walker, Morgan and Duane
Rick on Horse and Walker
What’s more, we’ll have the full retail range of The Walking Dead available on the day, including:

·  Walking Dead Kickstarter Edition (in extremely short supply)
·  All Out War Core Set
·  Prelude to Woodbury expansion
·  Days Gone Bye expansion
·  Scenery booster
·  Dice booster
·  Deluxe Atlanta Gaming Mat
·  Shane Booster
·  Lori Booster
·  Andrea Booster
·  Carol Booster
·  Morgan Booster
·  Rick on a Horse Booster
·  Walker Booster

Stock is going to be in high demand, so you’re going to need to arrive early to grab the loot!
The Mantic Open Day takes place at Mantic HQ in Nottingham on November 26th, you can buy single tickets or group tickets from the website. Places are limited and we’re selling out fast.
Open Day highlights include:
  • The launch of our new painting competition Brush With Death
  • Demos of The Walking Dead: All Out War
  • Meet Mark Latham – the man behind the All Out War rules
  • Kings of War seminars with Nick Williams from the Rules Committee
  • Huge 16-foot Kings of War display game
  • Four-player Deadzone scenario: bring your own 100 point Strike Team or use one of ours
Tickets are selling fast, so grab a single ticket or group ticket for four people today.
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