Friday, 25 November 2016

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Mantic Games Black Friday newsletter...


Black Friday Sale starts 10am (UK time)

This year Black Friday promises to be our biggest and best yet, with prices slashed so low even a Forge Father towers above them.
From 10am tomorrow (November 25th) we’ll be officially opening the Black Friday section of the website with some fantastic deals that will last all day. We’re not going to spoil them all but a few of the highlights include:
  • Karrathor the Unbroken (the dragon from the Tyrant of Halpi Dungeon Saga expansion) for just £14.99
  • Dreadball Xtreme will be selling for the Xtreme price of £24.99
  • Dungeon Saga: Warlord of Galahir for the monstrous price of £19.99

Timed Deals...

Alongside the all-day bargains, we’ll also be having special timed deals every hour starting from 10am (UK time) and lasting until midnight.

These deals will be very limited, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to pick up something special, like a Lower Abyssal Horde for £17.99 (RRP £29.99) or a Grubatek Coliseum Deluxe Dreadball pitch for £9.99 (RRP £19.99). That's only a taste of what we've got lined up!
Plus, as a special treat at some point during the day we’ll have a couple of incredible surprises at even more incredible prices, so you’ll need to bookmark the Black Friday page and check throughout the day.

Mantic Crazy Box 2016

Mantic Games Announces the Crazy Box 2016
We're working with the world famous Crazy Bobby on this year's Crazy Box.
After striking up a deal with renowned Crazy Box expert, Crazy Bobby of Crazy Bobby’s Crazy Box Boutique, we’re delighted to announce that this year’s Crazy Boxes are going to be the craziest ever.

Available in two flavours (Fantasy and Sci-fi) the Crazy Box will contain more than £50 worth of fantastic Mantic products for the great value price of just £24.99.

However, as if that wasn’t already exciting enough, 50% of the Crazy Boxes will contain special bonus items. To guarantee you’ll get an upgraded box, you can get the Crazy Box Bundle, which features a Fantasy box and a Sci-Fi box for £49.99.
The Crazy Box 2016 will be available to order from tomorrow or you can pick one up from the Mantic Open Day this Saturday. Stock will be limited so buy your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.
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