Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week newsletter...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter. We have a conversion workshop for a REME crane truck, Video Painting Guide for US Airborne, take a trip between stars with a new story from Tim Bancroft and Antares Initiative month 2 reports start coming in...

Black Friday Fury!

Armoured Fury for just £50.00/$80.00:
Offer number 3 hits the stores today with an Armoured Fury price drop to just £50/$80 - for a short time only! Normally retailing at £80/$128 Armoured fury is already a fantastic deal with over £100 worth of tanks and more than £50 worth of rule books, scenarios, dice and counters packed within this bulging starter box!

20% OFF selected resin tanks!

Up to 20% OFF Resin Tanks:
This tanktastic offer includes dozens of hand-crafted resin tanks! These are limited in numbers and going fast so be sure to head into the store as soon as possible and take advantage:

25% OFF Plastic tanks! 

Take advantage of this Black Friday offer and get a whopping 25% Off each vehicle in the collection - Don't delay, they're going fast!

HQ Store OPEN!

Come and visit:
The Warlord Games HQ Store is now open! Come on in and check it out...

Hobby Time!

Conversion Workshop:
Warlorder Dave Mathews cuts up his Bedford OY to make a REME crane truck...
The War Gamer Painting Guide Video:
Bolt Action Tutorial: TWG shows us how to paint the new U.S Airborne plastic infantry.

Incoming Antares!

Interstellar travel in Beyond the Gates of Antares:
The Holiday of a Lifetime Part 1, Tim Bancroft looks into travel in the Antarean universe.
Antares Hobby:
Antares Initiative Month 2 - October Wargames Association
Beyond the Gates of Antares:
Your First Game - Drone Integration Scenario
Upcoming Events - November
Upcoming Events - December
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