Thursday, 21 July 2016

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Apparently it's C L Werner week at the Black Library... is celebrating C L Werner this week, and we managed to get some words from the man himself, giving us his take on some of his most popular and iconic characters.
Matthias Thulmann,
Witch Hunter

"My earliest foray into the worlds of Warhammer was with the character of Mathias Thulmann, a Sigmarite witch hunter who prowls the hinterlands of the Empire rooting out foes as varied as necromancers and sorcerers to skaven and vampires.

The first Thulmann novel, simply 'Witch Hunter', was written as, essentially, a Hammer horror film set in the Old World. The premise of taking an individual similar to (real life witch hunter) Matthew Hopkins but in situations where the witchcraft is much more than idle superstition had a great appeal to me."
Brunner the
Bounty Hunter

"Brunner is a character who really did write himself, a circumstance that has occurred only twice in my career. What I mean by that is the personality was so strong, so persuasive, that I'd find myself altering entire narratives because, as Brunner would correctly inform me, he wouldn't do what my plot called for him to do… The rugged bounty killer is something of a mainstay these days,

but the first time their ilk really impressed me was in the Italian westerns of the 1960s. Brunner takes a lot of inspiration from such characters (he must be a fan as well)."
Grey Seer Thanquol

"As created by William King, Thanquol is an inveterate coward, a bully, a paranoid lunatic, fawning sycophant – and at the same time one of the most hideously powerful sorcerers in the Old World.

I think the key to writing skaven effectively is to first 'think like a rat', seeing the world through their perspective. Once you do that, well, that paranoia isn't so illogical since every other skaven really is out to get you if they think it will help their own status.

Of all the characters in the lore, Thanquol is my favourite, so being allowed to play with him was truly a special moment."

Iron Warriors

"The idea of doing a Space Marines Battles book from the perspective of a Traitor Legion was one that had enormous appeal and building off the brief description of the Siege of Castellax left a great deal of room to develop and explore.

When creating the 3rd Grand Company of the Iron Warriors, I strove to make each of them a unique sort of monster. Their callous disdain for life, their ruthless pragmatism, all of these are qualities that are rightly shunned in men, but they are assets to beings that were engineered to be the pinnacle of warfare, living weapons to be set upon the enemy. Of course, with the Iron Warriors, the enemy often includes their own…"
More from C L Werner

With more than a decade of writing for Black Library behind him, there's much more to explore, encompassing the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We've collected all his works together for you to check out.
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