Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Fallen Frontiers: Reboot - The Harvester Plague - Slave Warriors

As detailed in this post here I recently received my Kickstarter pledge to the Fallen Frontiers: Reboot from Scale Games. In this post I'm going to look at one of the two factions that I acquired of the four available.

The forces I acquired for the The Harvester Plague force consisted of two lots of five Necroslaves, five Slave Warriors and some command elements including the characters Sphynx, Virus, a Cybermaster and a Heavy weapon armed trooper. I also acquired an additional character for this force called Despair.

As regular readers of the blog are no doubt aware I like to do multi-angle pictures of the models I cover in order to show all the detail so I'll be covering these different force elements one at a time. So lets look at the Slave warriors.

Slave Warriors

The models also come with appropriate bases and the cards necessary to use them in game as well as some unit specific upgrade cards. As you can see what a base looks like just from the assembled model pictures I wont bother showing you a picture of those but the cards will no doubt be of interest.

The models are made of a good quality resin and each faction appears to have been moulded using a different colour as these were pink and the other faction I acquired were a shade of blue.

Slave Warriors - Unassembled
The models consist of a relatively small amount of parts and each of these has distinct attachment points making assembly very simple indeed. There's a small amount of clean-up required in the form of some flash removal, the scraping off of a few moulding lines and a few of the models had some stubs on them from the moulding process that needed snipping off and a tiny bit of filing. I did this with them in their disassembled state just for ease of access.

Here's pictures of both sides of the parts for each model.

Slave Warriors - Assembled
Each of the models has a distinct pose though obviously if you have multiples of five you'll get duplication of the poses. I've taken pictures of both the front and back of the minis as well as side views.

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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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