Monday, 25 July 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Though great for new players I personally think that this Kickstarter needs a 'rule-book only' and 'add-ons only' pledge level for those of us who already have a lot of Dreadball stuff...

Time to play Ball!
Hi Guys,

On Friday the Kickstarter project for DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game went live and we were hoping that you'd be able to spread this news to your fans. We want to make this game as popular as possible, so get out there and spread the word!
It's a whole new ball game!
We are funding the 2nd edition of the game in response to community feedback. Players wanted teams to be rebalanced, the league rules to be improved and a few smaller niggles to be sorted out. The work on second edition will do this and more, supporting the existing community and sparking growth in the player base once again.
This work is housed in the DreadBall Core Rulebook, included in a new boxed game set, and the DreadBall Team Guide, which contains all the rules, stats and background for all of the existing teams.
New Teams!
From the reptilian Matsuchan to the feral Yndij, the Dreadball 2 Kickstarter is also funding the development and tooling of four new teams.
Each of these new teams will not only have rules in the new version of DreadBall, but will also get stats for use in DreadBall Xtreme. You can follow the development of these teams over on our blog.

The Kickstarter campaign is now on and finishes midnight BST 7th August.
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