Monday, 11 July 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some release news and a Kickstarter tease from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Time Flies!
It's already the 2nd week of July! Summer is flying by. We're pretty solidly playing catch-up at the moment. The world is an... interesting place right now and we're just keeping up with things.

There's yet another economy related reminder below as things have yet to improve on that front. We have the biggest Kickstarter tease yet and some new releases.

So, on with the pretty pictures!
It's Almost Upon Us!
We're finally almost ready to dip our toes into the murky waters of the 'Kckstarter' world. Don't be worried for us though, this isn't some overstretching, millioon stretch goal, huge project. This will be amsall, themed, project based on a particular artists's work and Kev's unique interpretation thereof.
There's 2 main reasons we're going the Kickstarter route. the firs is the full set of figures does incorporate a huge chunk of Kev's time. You may have noticed us starting to add other sculptors to the HF family lately and thisis one of the reasons. Kev only has 1 pair of hands and committing them to a full set like this is a big deal for us, so we'd like to know with a little more certainty than just a poll or asking, that it's worthwhile. Second is that we 'do' have some larger projects on the back burner and it will be nice to have tested out Kickstarter and all it's quirks at least oncebefore we go ahead with one of those :)
So, while we spend this week uploading images, prepping the page and getting it all approved, here's another quick tease! Those of you in the know will be able to guess the artist too I would think (especially as it's signed!).
Resin Master - Alex H
Alex H is the fifth member of the very loseley affiliated mercenary group also containing Ekaterina, Rowen, Ryan and Danica. His preference is for edged weapons but he's never shy of a good gun battle.

This guy is 'super' dynamic and comes in 6 parts! Both weapon hands are separate, as are his scabbards. His left leg and finally his head is a separate piece. Which works outnicely for those of you who have different heads in mind!
Resin Master - FCpl Ibanez
Flight Corporal Ibanez is a VTOL pilot from the 4th wing of the Galactic Navy. Regularly supporting the Five Eight and the One-Oh-Nine she is seen here on the move in a stripped down flight suit, and carrying a variant of the Navy's newest and most versatile assault weapon, the SHARD.

Ibanez is the start a possible new section to our Galactic Navy section, command/pilot figures. We'll see how Kev likes her. She will almost certainly get an upgraded version with more kit and bells and whistles but we thought some of you would prefer the stripped down mini as an option!
Elite Gaia
'Gaia' is another of our Zombocalypse survivors, it's not her real name, nobody asks twice. Hailing from downtown Miami this woman is not one to be messed with. Seen here with a choice of weaponry all picked up from a looted store in St Petersburg and light clothes and bandana to help with the southeastern heat.
Weapon choice include a katana, an M16 and a sharpened hockey stick. She also has a choice of 3 backpacks.

The single code comes with 1 body and a sprue of all 6 options, there is also a double and a triple code containing extra bodies that you can find lower ont he page when you click the link above.

Right, another economy shoutout...
For our Foreign Customers...
With the current crash of the British Pound, our exports are currently cheaper than they have been in quite some time (pretty much ever). No idea how long it'll last, could be months or years or could start going back up tomorrow.

(At time of writing the above info is wrong, as the pound has fallen further, making our basic price point around $5.40 in the US, plus 10-20c for card/paypal messing about. Bonkers prices! And remember the exchange rate works on postage too!) 

Either way, enjoy! :)
For our British Customers
So what are we gonna do for you guys eh? :)
Well, for the next week, every order from a UK based customer that isover £50*, will include a random free mini.
*That's £50 after VAT but before postage.
This is the final week we will be offering this!
For Red Box Fans
Unfortunately, in a reverse of the above, unless a miracle happens and the pound hits some kind of hidden trampoline, then the next restock from the US-based Red Box Games will have to come with a price rise, and probably a significant one.

We are now working on a way around this for further down the line but that's the truth of it for the moment.

However we thought we'd give you fair warning and we won't be raising the prices 'until' we arrange that restock so if you were interested in anything we still have in stock (Some people already worked this out for themselves so we're out of a few things) then now would be the time to grab it!

(To a lesser extent it may happen with Gamezone too but as we're still behind on the images of those we aren't making any decisions until we've filled those empty pic spots)
Share the Love - Dark Dwarves
Here's another Kickstarter from our friends at Macrocosm.

For those of you wondering where some of our fantasy miniatures went, well here's your first clue :)

Macrocosm aproached us with a great idea for expanding some of our oldhammer miniatures and it was something we'd always planned on doing but never had the time or manpower to get around ot. So, we let Macrocosm run with the ball and they have outdone themselves.

For our US fans, the current exchange rate means these figures are down to less than $2 each! Crazy prices right now.

A huge selection of Dark Dwarves for all you oldhammer fans out there. They've already funded and are onto stretch goals that may also interest the Greenskin players out there.

If you do happen to pledge for something, feel free to say Allo from HF in the comments. We always like to see some feedback from our Share the Love segments :)
And Finally...
Still playing catch up so not a lot of time to be shooting the breeze with my usual witticisms. Just rest assured that I am still hilarious.

Oh, and 'please' remember, if there's a delay or problem with your order, we do have a front page on the website which sometimes has relevant news on it :D I am constantly surprised by just how many people skip it and go straight to the buying.

'til next time,


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