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Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke - Baker Street Irregulars

Some background for these features on Infamy Miniatures 'Welcome to the Big Smoke' can be found in this post here and also contains some useful links. This feature however will be looking at a particular faction and some specific miniatures from it. The faction in question is the Baker Street Irregulars...

Some of these factions are fairly new and others have been around a while so quantities of background material varies significantly. I've therefore elected to start with the one that has the most material available for it...don't expect this much info on every faction though...

Strategy, cunning and manipulation...
One man, above all else, has sought to understand the chaos of lawless London and in doing so, advance his influence and agenda. That man is Sherlock Holmes and though he resides in the safety and comfort that the Bastioned Borough of Westminster offers, he is active in every one of the city’s squalid slums and most dangerous streets through his network of informants and hired muscle.

Working secretly and carefully, building relationships with government agents and the movers and shakers of anarchic gangland, he has positioned himself with care and poise. He is a master of intrigue at the centre of a complex network of power, carefully nourishing those contacts he deems worthwhile and eliminating anyone who can’t be trusted or manipulated.

Recently the emergence of new and unpredictable powers in the city have forced Holmes' hand, leading to a more aggressive, front-line approach to taking over the city. The complex game he played relied on the key strategy of keeping opposing forces in check and in a constant struggle for power. Now that Tesla and Dodgson have begun to make their presence felt even the prodigious calculating foresight of Holmes can’t keep track of and manipulate every possible outcome. The meandering threads of likelihood that travel from the past to the possible futures are too varied and too many. It is to some degree a matter of capacity - predicting how two underworld gangs will interact is hard enough, but seven is too much to be expected even of Holmes.

In this feature we'll be looking at the Kingpin of the Baker Street Irregulars 'Sherlock Holmes' and his Lieutenant Doctor John Watson.

Sherlock Holmes
One of the greatest minds in the city of London, Sherlock is a master strategist, leading his gang in meticulously calculated attacks across the ruins of the Big Smoke.
Sherlock Holmes - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled parts...

Sherlock Holmes - Assembled

Doctor John Watson
Watson has been Holmes' loyal right-hand-man for decades and brings an element of fearsome brutality to the gang. Despite this Watson's fury and passion for dissection of foes is a calculated and controlled one, making him even more dangerous.
Doctor John Watson - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled parts...

Doctor John Watson - Assembled

There are currently three other members of the Baker Street Irregulars though I don't have models for these so you'll have to make do with some artwork for now.

Mrs Hudson is a mysterious character equally capable of fitting in with the highest of high society or the lowliest of gangland thugs and making them feel jovially at ease. It is usually around this time that she will use her masterful grasp of poisons to do a serious mischief to her intended target... and sometimes those unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity too.

Sherlock's gang has recently acquired this mechanical marvel. Though nobody knows the full truth of where the brain that sits atop The Professor came from, many believe it once sat in the head of missing University Professor James Moriarty. 

Every devious criminal mastermind needs a man on the force and though Holmes has many in his employ it is Crookes who, more than any, is willing to show his dubious allegiance, standing side-by-side with the Baker Street Irregulars in scuffles.

If any of that caught your eye you might also be interested in one of the other factions that I've done features on...
Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...and free stuff...that's welcome too...

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