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Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke - Introduction

Infamy Miniatures have been producing Steampunk styled miniatures for quite some time and had many interesting models in their range. However in an attempt to increase the scope and scale of this range they recently launched a Kickstarter called 'Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke' in the hopes of creating large enough sets of models to potentially launch their own skirmish game. Though the game itself is in its infancy the models produced via the Kickstarter are wonderfully characterful and more than good enough to use in other skirmish game systems until their own is ready...

Over the next few weeks I'll be taking a detailed look at some of the models from various of the games factions but first we'll get some background from the people at Infamy themselves before I wet your appetite with a few group pictures of the models we'll be covering in more detail in later features.

The original Kickstarter page can be found here while their own website is here.

It is the late 19th century and technological revolution is sweeping through Great Britain. Sparked by Mycroft Holmes' creation of the Cogitation Engine, the nation's capital is caught up in a wave of invention and discovery.
The city thrums to the sound of gigantic and increasingly-elaborate machines, their maze-like interiors of cogs and pistons churning around the clock. Powered by armies of navvies who shovel fuel into the huge burners and risk their lives performing maintenance, these machines drive the city. They are the lifeblood of London's 'Golden Age' and fill the air with the thick smoke of industry and mass-production.

The development of increasingly powerful Cogitation Engines has laid waste to the traditional structure of power in London. Long-established institutions, initially reluctant to take on the 'dangerous' new technology, are on the brink of collapse and now they must battle to retain control.

While they flounder in the wake of change, upstarts rise to power, embracing the new age, creating ever more incredible tools, machinery, intelligence-gathering methods, and weapons.

These companies, corporations, institutions, and their members reside in ornate and elaborate towers, rising high above the streets, increasingly isolated from the machinery-filled nightmare evolving beneath them. And in the city's underbelly the downtrodden, forgotten and abused working-class grow angry. Opportunistic rabble rousers, crime lords, Kingpins, and undesirables gather support in the annexed areas of the city, all hungry for a piece of the pie.

Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke is a 32mm, character-driven skirmish game that focuses on action-packed turns. 

Living rulebook - Rather than commit to a printed rulebook straight away, Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke will be an evolving online resource that backers can access. 

Backers will get early-access to the latest rules and errata and be able to play the game to your heart's content while it is refined. Should they wish, they'll be able to provide feedback on the rules and stats to improve the game. Non-backers will be invited later in the process, during an open beta, before the game is finally locked down and made into a printed tome.
The basics - Some of the game's cool features include:

Up and Down Cards - a dynamic, playing card-driven skill system. Each model is dealt an Up and Down card; the closer their total is to 21, the wider the range of skills they can choose from.
Twist - Loosely based on blackjack, you can gamble to boost the cards' total and thus, your efficiency in combat. However, go over 21 and your abilities rapidly decline.
Defence - If you need to put all of your model's energy into defence then you can intentionally bust by going over 21. You'll lose attacking ability, but, your defence will drastically increase.
Opposed Dice-Offs - to keep you engaged in combat regardless of who it is activating a model.
Three-Tiered Defence - each character has body, armour and ward points on their wound track; streamlining the process of making armour saves and recording wounds.
Split Activation's - some characters can split skills over multiple activation's during the same turn, allowing them to perform combo moves.
Freedom - Though you always need a Kingpin to lead the gang, you can then choose anyone to fight side-by-side for a huge range of tactical options.
Kingpins - Each gang in Infamy is headed up by a Kingpin - these are the most powerful combatants and skilled leaders in the game. From the cunning and synchronised strategies of Sherlock Holmes, to the brute force of the mechanically powered Toad, or the senile bimbling of Uncle John, each Kingpin is unique and brings a range of options and new challenges.

Packed with Character - Infamy is all about making interesting stories in battle, so there are no faceless grunts. All the models in the game so far have a personality and a defined style. Finding the right mix is vital to success at a higher level of play, but, if you just want to have fun, the very clear traits of each character mean you'll have a great time.

Specialisms - Every model in Infamy can be assessed by their specialisms. These are:
Each specialism is represented by a playing card suit. A model will require both a high card total and a card of the relevant suit to perform their very best skills. This rewards players who perfectly balance their gang to make the best use of all four specialisms.

There are currently models spread across eight factions which are The Baker Street Irregulars, March Madness, Terror on the Thames, Tesla Triumphant, The Animal Circus, The Little Parliament, The Lost Boys and the Monstrous Menagerie as well as a number of 'Large Scale' Miniatures.

There will be some more detailed articles on the above factions but here's some group pictures to give you an idea of style...

If any of that caught your eye you might also be interested in one of the other factions that I've done features on...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome...and free stuff...that's welcome too...

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