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Some Kings of War news from Mantic Games...

The Empire of Dust has returned!
Stripped of their power and life by the Ophidians and cursed for all time, the Ahmunite empire wages a vengeful war on both the living and dead alike. Fuelled by hatred and compelled by sinister necromancy, the ranks of the Ahmunites march relentlessly across the scorched earth.
Lead by Pharaohs, Cursed High Priests and Revenant Champions, the Empire of Dust marches to war.
What is the Empire of Dust?

Cursed to undeath for their hubris, Empire of Dust armies consist on legions of unwavering skeletons, supported by enslaved Djinn demonsswarms of insects and powerful heroes. They are slow, but highly resilient and able to wear their foes down through attrition.

They have strong magic on their side. Many characters in the list have access to strong Surge spells, allowing them to drive your slower units forwards to the enemy's battle line. Enslaved Guardians, captured powerful desert spirits, can wield two-handed weapons strong enough to cut through armoured cavalry, or large crossbows that fire deadly enchanted bolts. They can also summon their magical powers to create sandstorms that drive charging opponents back.
Arrows of the Asp

To back up the numberless legions of skeleton warriors and regiments of Enslaved Guardians, the Ahmunites are capable of fielding scores of skeletal ranged troops, fromArchers to Balefire Catapults. Opposing armies will have to survive a torrent of unrelenting fire to reach your lines. These ranged units are further enhanced by theCursed High Priest's magical abilities and Enslaved Guardians' crossbows.

Ahmunite Pharaohs rule their subjects with an iron fist. These deposed warrior-kings were once vain and indulgent, but now only bitter hatred remains. They take pleasure in challenging enemy generals to personal combat, depriving the living of their heroes and champions. As befits a Pharaoh's court, they surround themselves with the most skilled of undead fighters. Revenants and Revenant Champions wordlessly protect their lord, or bear their coat of arms to war.

Lord Sautekh's Glorious Host - £149.99/€174.99/$249.99
This immense set contains everything you need to build a mighty Empire of Dustarmy - over 140 infantrymonstrous infantrywarmachines and heroes! With enough firepower to face any army on the tabletop, this excellent Empire of Dust army saves you over 25% off purchasing the contents separately and you'll get miniatures like the Enslaved Guardians a full month before retail release! Go to the webstore to get yours.
The Empire of Dust are now available to pre-order from our webstore and will be shipping in two waves; one in July, one in August.

This means that if you preorder any Armies (including Lord Sautekh's Glorious Host) you'll be receiving August releases a full month in advance!
Kings of War Paint Sets
We've teamed up with The Army Painterto bring you themed paint sets for yourKings of War armies. Each set comes with specific paints selected for each army, plus brand new colours. Pre-order these new sets to finish your painting projects!

Rumbl Player Finder
Powered by Rumbl, we've launched player finders for Kings of War andDreadBall, making playing games and finding opponents even easier! Create your account now and challenge someone local to a game!

Kings of War International Event 
On Saturday the 9th of July our American Cousins are running a coordinated Kings of War campaign across the globe! If you aren't already attending this one, they will be another day running later this year. Start a new army and get playing!
Kings of War: Uncharted Empires
An army supplement book for Kings of War, Uncharted Empires contains all of the rules for the Empire of Dust as well as eight other armies including the Ratkin, the Salamanders and the Trident Realms of Neritica! Pick up your copyand march to war today.
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