Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Unboxing - Fallen Frontiers: Reboot (Overview)

The fine people at Scale Games recently brought this game to us via the medium of Kickstarter.

I pledged at a level that gave me forces of two of the factions and some extra bits and pieces and I have decided to split the unboxing feature into several parts in order to give maximum attention to each of the component parts. This particular feature will cover the rule-book, extra bits and pieces and an initial look at the models from the two factions I acquired. Parts two and three will cover the forces of Sayx Enterprises and the Harvester Plague respectively.

Here's a very brief overview from the manufacturers themselves.

Fallen Frontiers: Reboot
Fallen Frontiers is a miniature game, set in a futuristic sci-fi society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy and have found powerful energy sources and intelligent life forms with advanced technology.

In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight for control over planets and their strategic resources in order to expand in a galaxy that holds lots of secrets. The players take control of a faction that can be shaped by choosing troops, characters and cards that best adapt to their game style.

Should you be looking for more information then the Kickstarter page can be found here and their actual website is here.

Lets have a look in the box then...
The box is a Kickstarter version so the retail version will no doubt be different. Also, this box has all four factions models printed on the rear though obviously not every-one who pledged to the Kickstarter ordered all four...

Fallen Frontiers - Instruction Booklet
The book is well laid out and has a good mixture of background material and actual rules. Each of the four factions is covered as well as the world in which they exist. The rules section also contains many diagrams along with the descriptive text which greatly helps with the understanding of the rules.

Here's a selection of sample pages.

Fallen Frontiers - Accessories
The Kickstarter box also contains a measuring tape, some dice, a few bonus bases, some scenery and a number of tokens. Which (if any) of these you get in the retail version of the game I'm afraid I have no idea about.

As usual I've taken pictures of both sides...

Fallen Frontiers - Upgrade Cards
Given the quantities of cards in the box I can only presume that you get one of these per faction as I had two factions and two lots of cards.

Fallen Frontiers - Sayx Enterprises
This is just a very quick look at what arrived in the box for this faction. They will get their own feature in part two.

Fallen Frontiers - The Harvester Plague
This is just a very quick look at what arrived in the box for this faction. They will get their own feature in part three.

If this has interested you then you may want to look at some other features relating to this Kickstarter at the following links.
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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Well done, and written. Thanks for the review.

    1. You're welcome. I only wish I had the finances to buy everything as I love the style of all the forces. Unfortunately I had to be selective so just went with the Sayx and the Harvesters.

  2. Any Idea when this would be hitting retail? Just discovered this line and very interested in starting out.

    1. Not sure. Your best bet is probably to sign up for their newsletter...



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